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oshSo you have taken the plunge and decided to enter the cut throat but always welcoming world of Hospitality? How often does storage come into your mind? Let’s be honest there is no glamour in storage and shelving, but there will be even less glamour if you don’t have it.

New Zealand food safety have strict guidelines which are scrutinized by local council to grade and licence every premise that sells and distributes food. On top of the food safety standards there is another local authority that you will have to deal with and that is OSH – Occupational Health and Safety.

Both of these authorities wisely recommend making sure that shelving and storage be drawn up by your architect at the design process as in some cases there are circumstances that will stop the council allowing you to continue with getting permits for the work at hand.

Below are a list of the stringent and strict guidelines to which you must adhere, while keeping in mind the safety of all staff and also for your own good, the time consumption it will take when it comes to work flow and ease of access.

Hospitality standards for storage can change from Region to Region but we have created our products to not only suit the requirements of your Council but to also make yours and your staffs life easier.

The following requirements are intended to make cleaning food premises and equipment easier and less time consuming.

Fixtures and fittings must be designed and constructed so that there is no likelihood of food contamination.

Bearings and gears must be designed in a way so that no lubricant will drip onto the surface of other equipment.

If shelving and storage units are able to be mobile then they must be easily transportable and safely and hygienically able to move.

All food contact surfaces must be able to be cleaned effectively and if necessary sanitised to prevent any cross-contamination. All surfaces used to store food must be smooth, free of cracks, chips, crevices and ridges or grooves that could possibly harbor bacteria and impair the surface’s ability to be easily and effectively cleaned.

Adequate space to permit a work flow that will separate food handling areas to prevent cross-contamination between food handled in one area and food in another; • chilled, hot and dry goods storage space for ingredients, raw materials and final products (such as plated meals, prepared sandwiches or packaged products awaiting dispatch).

If you are in the stage of buying a business, have the plans ready or are jumping in the deep end without a life jacket, preparation and storage shelving are the one thing that is never glamorous but always necessary.

Shelving is like the unsung hero that never gets a mention as to its beauty or charm, but could we function in life without it?

In any hospitality business the food should always be of a good standard especially to the level you are paying, but it is considered to always be the service that provides the experience. The staff providing the experience need to work in an area that is both easy to get around and a safe environment to work in. So many times you can have one and be extremely lacking in the other. The questions you mainly need to ask yourself are, is there ease of access? Can my staff get in and out of the area in a timely manner? If there was a natural disaster would anyone get hurt? Is there any chance my staff might feel unsafe in the areas I have provided? Am I confident that I have put my staff in a safe environment?.


NOVALOK will innovate, design, resource, manufacture and install the right products to increase and maintain whatever it is you need.
No more having to deal with ten different companies just to get one kitchen sorted, we can do it all.

Some things you will know that you need and others you will wonder how you ever lived without their ease and reliability.

There are so many things to think of when starting a business in the Hospitality sector, not one person can be held accountable for not thinking of them all. Novalok has the industry and market in their pocket, not only can they give you the right advice, but they can also give you the tools and industry networks that will keep your business rolling.
duty heavy shelvingNovalok has created two shelving units that will by far outweigh the competition and keep the inspectors off your back.04-06-novalok-plastlok-shelving-01

Plast-lok with its bolt and nut free assembly can stand to go from -40C right up to 100C which makes this product perfect for all kinds of elements. This product is constructed from products that make it impervious to mould and bacteria based fungus. No more stress about spills in storage with these shelves you can simply put straight into your steriliser and know that you are going to withstand the elements of your kitchen.
Built to be tough and long lasting. Easy to clean and dishwasher and sterilizer safe. Easy Modular Assembly- No Nuts or Bolts. Built with Steel through the Frame.

shelving, shelving roomDuoguard with its powder coated finish is as hygienic and user friendly but with the added 09-06-novalok-duoguard-z-series-shelving-03feature of being able to be constructed in the most unique designs. Available in both mobile and static units ranging in capacity up to 150-500kgs it would be hard to beat when it comes to strength and durability. The plastic coating on all levels of the shelving also make the impervious to all contamination and corrosion.





Both of these products are inline and tested against the food regulations nationwide, our sales reps are not only trained but highly specialized in the testing and production of these products so please don’t hesitate in contacting us today to not only make your life easier but better.

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