Skytrak Mobile Shelving

Increase Storage Capacity | Healthcare & Coolrooms

Compact Mobile Shelving

  • Increase storage capacity by up to twice as much in the same space.
  • Hygienic top track system – make floor cleaning a breeze.
  • Top track guides provide unimpeded access for trolleys and wheelchairs.
  • Silent running urethane wheels – low rolling friction, non-marking.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Closed-in or mesh end panels available for privacy and security.
  • Compatible with all standard Novalok accessories.
Skytrak Shelving System

Novalok’s Skytrak Mobile Shelving

Up to double your storage capacity. Get all your storage requirements into a more compact area, reducing walking distance, saving space, time and increasing efficiency.

The Novalok system is one of the most cost-effective storage systems on the market. Made from strong and durable material, this shelving system is easy to maintain in situations where good hygiene is important. As the shelving is mobile, the amount of floor space required is lessened because you reduce the need for aisles, instead, moving the shelves when access is required. Conventional fixed systems have aisles that occupy excessive space. By using our high density mobile shelving system you can recover up to 50% of your floor space (or double your storage capacity) by eliminating fixed aisles.

Close up of the Skytrak wheels

Skytrak is proudly manufactured in New Zealand.

New Zealand Made Logo

Durable Duoguard Finish

The Skytrak system is becoming a ‘must have’ in the busy healthcare sterile store environment

The Duoguard finish is epoxy-powder coated in fashionable white over a bright passivated electroplated zinc coating. This provides a durable finish to the system plus gives an excellent aesthetic appearance. Even if you do manage to damage the powder-coating, it is still protected by the zinc plating. Novalok is also able to colour match to suit existing systems.

Each shelf in the system is supported by wheels and guided by the ceiling mounted track system. This allows you to stack all your shelves together and then move them as necessary for access. With no floor track, this system also makes cleaning easier and reduces trip hazards. Our open frame design also allows more light to filtrate the work area, providing additional safety factors.

Mechanical Assistance for Smoother, Safer Operations

Robust Mechanical Assistance

Skytrak is also available in a mechanically assisted option. For high usage and heavier applications, the assisted option makes operation of the rolling structure much safer, easier to roll and reduces operator fatigue. It has been designed to be retrofitted effectively to any existing installation. The mechanical assisted system is built with sub chassis mounts, heavy duty rollers and an enclosed positive chain drive mechanism. A very robust, simple, effective design and easily installed. It is supplied with an ergonomically moulded hand wheel with a folding spinner to make operations easier. Simply fold the spinner away when not using to keep the whole system unobtrusive to the working and transport area and service aisles. The Novalok assisted system is very effective in operational safety and is also realistically priced to make it an attractive and logical choice for new and existing installations.

Flexible Designs For Ever-Changing Business Environments

Adaptable & Customisable Storage

  • All Skytrak storage systems use the Z series frames and beams, and are designed with flexibility in mind, so that you can adapt to the challenges of today‚Äôs ever-changing business environment.
  • Skytrak storage allows you to have access to both sides of each unit as there are no back panels or diagonal braces needed.
  • Shelves can be fitted with dividers both lengthwise and widthwise, to suit and adapt to a variety of products.
  • Suitable for sterile stores, paediatrics, document stores, rest homes, pharmacies and hospital departments including emergency, and theatre. In fact, Skytrak is suitable in most situations where maximum storage is required and space is limited.
  • The customisable design allows this system to virtually be anywhere.
Close up of the swage pipe tension adjusters

Novalok’s Commitment to You

Supplying Storage Systems to Hospitals Since 1986

We have highly experienced project managers and an installation team who will ensure that your storage system is delivered and installed in the shortest possible time scale and completed with the minimum inconvenience to your on-going operation. We provide a complete design through to installation package with excellent back up, maintenance and after sales service.

The system is manufactured in New Zealand and is custom designed and built from standard modular configurations to suit the application. Also available in Zincguard and Stainless Steel. Novalok Skytrak is a well proven top quality shelving system for hygienic applications. Novalok have been supplying these systems to hospitals since 1986. We know it will perform for you like it has for thousands of other happy customers!