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Is Your Warehouse Safe?

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  • Regular maintenance and inspections help to extend the life span of systems – saving you in the long term.
  • It is a legal obligation to ensure employees work in a safe environment and that workplaces are fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Regulatory authorities recommend that racking inspections are conducted at least annually in accordance with AS/NZ 4084:20212.
Staff member performing an audit in a warehouse

Our Auditing and Compliance Program

Our step-by-step program is designed to ensure your storage facility is compliant. Inspections are conducted in accordance with the regulation standard AS/NZS 4084:2012 and relevant NZ building codes.

Pallet racking close up

1. Site Visit

Ring Novalok for a site visit & possible audit.

Report and Action Plan document

2. Report & Action Plan

Repairs & replacements

Compliance Certificate

3. Remedial Work

Completion of remedial work and certificate of health issued.

Compliance Stickers

4. Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance programs + monitoring systems established.

Ring Novalok for a site visit & possible audit

1. Site Visit

Worker in high visibility vest and hard helmet

Removal | Repairs | Replacements

2. Report & Action Plan

Following the decision to proceed with an audit (which will be implemented on the back of a client’s acceptance of proposal) an auditor will make contact to implement this. The primary audit report helps facilitates a “blue print” call to action. The audit is an information gathering process. This will generally include the following;

Certificate of Health Issued

3. Remedial Work

Audit Certificate

H&S Requirements

4. Ongoing Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. European standard EN 15635 Steel Static Storage Systems – Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment provides instruction regarding the inspection of racking structures. Section Expert Inspections, states “A technically competent person shall carry out inspections at intervals no more than 12 months. A written report shall be submitted to the PRSES with observations and proposals for any action necessary.”

Yes you need to make visual inspections. EN15635 section Visual Inspections states that “the PRSES (Person responsible for storage equipment safety) shall ensure that inspections are made at weekly or other regular intervals based on a risk assessment. A formal written record shall be maintained.”

No. It is perfectly fine for your team to carry out your weekly visual inspections but we recommend that this is carried out by a competent person (3rd party). If you need some help training your team to do the visual inspections we can help. The annual inspections should be carried out by a technically competent person.

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