Multi-Functional Carts

Developed to European Standards According to ISO 3394

MMS Multi-Functional Carts

  • Suitable for storage and distribution of perishable/medical material.
  • A wide range of accessories available to suit user requirements.
  • Light yet durable.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Multiple configurations.
  • Units can be customised to your requirements.
Multi_Functional Cart

Modular System

The 600mm x 400mm modular system is built into the inside of the trolley for the storage of and convenient access to the product to be distributed.

These 600 x 400 mm modules can be located directly inside the trolley using the MMS sliding panel/guide attached to the interior sides of the trolley. The front of the trolley is then closed using a double door with a lock, which is made of light grey HPL sheet to a thickness of 10 mm. When the module is to be fully removed for convenient access to the product, the total removal telescopic drawers, are used, where the transparent 600*400 mm ABS tray/basket with heights of 50, 100 and 200 mm is located on a couple of total removal metal telescopic guides fitted with a locking mechanism to avoid accidental opening. The front side of the drawer includes a drawer front, made of heat injected polymer available in different colours, fitted with a large and ergonomic handle for convenient opening and closure of the drawer, available in 3 heights of 80, 160 and 240 mm, as required.

Versatile. Strong. Hygienic.

Units consist of 3 basic parts; the frame, the outer panels, and the interior configuration.

The trolley UNIT is formed basically by 3 parts: the frame, the plain sides (sides, top and rear) and the wheels. The interior frame is made of steel tube and profiles, welded and epoxy-painted on the outside. This gives the trolley significant strength and stability. The top and sides of the trolley are made of light mauve rotomoulded plastic polymer and have many different mooring points for the attachment of different accessories required, depending on the purpose for which the trolley is required (treatment, CPR, anaesthesia, etc.) The rear is also made of 4 mm thick light mauve plastic polymer sheet and is bent/folded using a thermoforming process.

The top, sides and rear covering the metal frame and assembled together form the outer view of the trolley and form a plain, strong and light outer surface that is easy to clean and disinfect. The top has a side handle for easier manoeuvrability of the trolley. The base of the trolley has 4 gyratory wheels measuring 125 mm in diameter, anti-thread and polyamide rubber strip (noise buffer), two of which are fitted with a brake and one is a guide wheel. The outer measurements of the trolley unit without accessories are 880 x 590 x 970 mm (l x d x h).

Picture of accessories

Exterior Accessories

Located on the Trolley Top

The adjustable, telescopic Utility Pole consists of a base or support made of grey epoxy painted steel tube and an upper mechanism fitted to block/control the height of the saline solution holder. The bar is made of anodised aluminium tube with a diameter of 12 mm and its top end includes a dual saline solution hook made of anodised aluminium rod.

The overbridge consists of a double frame made of grey epoxy-painted steel tube with a diameter of 30 mm; central bridge clearance fitted with a technical panel to attach different accessories, made of grey compact MDF board.

The Overbridge Accessories available are: racks of 4, 5 or 6 Swinging Boxes made of polystyrene (PE), a grey epoxy-painted steel rod hook with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 130 mm, Shelf for Equipment and Shelf for Suture, both made of grey epoxy-painted folded steel plate.

The directable Defibrillator Support consists of a base made of epoxy painted folded steel tube and plate onto which the upper defibrillator support tray is attached, which is also made of light grey epoxy-painted folded steel plate, and directable 180º. The defibrillator support tray is fitted with a couple of adjustable ties through its side grooves to ensure the defibrillator remains firmly attached while the trolley is being moved.

The fixed height articulated laptop holder is entirely made of cast aluminium with an anodised coating and includes a base on which a double arm measuring 180 and 104 mm in length articulates. At the distal end of this double articulated arm that can be rotated 180º is the padded tray for notebooks with an adjustable width, which can also be tiled and has a maximum load capacity of 12 Kg.

The Sharps Container Bracket is made of light grey epoxy-painted folded steel rod and plate. To attach the sharp waste container it includes 2/3 polypropylene straps measuring 30 mm in width, each one fitted with Velcro on the end for adjustment/attachment.

The Central Locking is activated by a simple switch/button mechanism located on the front corner of the trolley, consisting of a simple vertical metal rack mechanism on the inside of the trolley that locks the front drawers and side swinging boxes.

The Electronic Seal is located on the side/centre of the top and is activated by numeric combination and/or proximity card (RFID) to lock/unlock the central locking for the front drawers and/or side swinging boxes.

Side Accessories

Located on the Trolley Sides and Trolley Rear

The Side Drawer Desk under work surface consists of a drawer made of light grey epoxy painted steel plate that is fitted on a couple of telescopic guides with a locking mechanism against accidental opening. The side drawer is ideal for storing the notebook or various equipment and has an upper lid/desktop surface made of folded Plexi-glass sheet (PMMA) measuring 4 mm in thickness.

The Tilt Out Bin is made of translucent brown folded Plexiglass sheet (PMMA) measuring 4 mm in thickness. Each trolley side has a maximum capacity for 3 swinging boxes and options to lock their opening using the central locking system indicated in Section 3.6. and 3.7.

The Waste Basket with manual-opening swing lid is made of white or light grey polypropylene (PP), available in capacities of 10 and 8 litres.

The Glove Box Holder is made of light grey epoxy-painted folded steel plate,. The support is fitted with a spring mechanism for the convenient removal and solid attachment of the glove box inside. The front has an opening / groove for glove removal.

The Gas Cylinder Holder is made of light grey epoxy-painted folded steel plate and rod. To attach the cylinder it includes 2/3 polypropylene
straps measuring 30 mm in width, each one fitted with flange/clamp on the ends for adjustment.

The Side Rail is made of anodised aluminium profile and is attached to the side on a couple of lugs also made of anodised aluminium and measuring 30 mm in thickness.

The Suction Unit Shelf is made of grey compact MDF. The suction unit support includes a grey epoxy-painted steel rod and plate frame.

The square Peel Pouch Container is made of translucent brown folded Plexiglass sheet (PMMA) measuring 4 mm in thickness. The top part has a convenient opening for the storage of probes/catheters or other long products.

Located on the Trolley Rear. The Cardiac Board is made of transparent Plexiglass (PMMA) measuring 8 mm in thickness. It includes a couple of side handles for easy handling and is attached to the rear of the trolley by means of a couple of metal fixture staples.

The power strip is sealed in a plastic container with hinged lid gray, equipped internally with two bases Schuko 250V – AC 2P + T 16, and a power hose 3×1, 5 mm of length 1000 mm. with Schuko plug on the end.

Picture of accessories