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Bin Storage

High quality, modular storage bins that are functional and easy access.


Novalok dividers are great for managing small parts. Use to separate and organize products.

Louvre Panels

Allow containers and bins to hang in high density configurations. Can support 68kg of stock for each 305mm height of panel….

Zincguard Shelving

Strong, durable and versatile. Choose from a wide range of stock components to suit your storage requirements.

Zincguard is a system that is hard to beat. It is more versatile than any other shelving product on the market. From the huge range of stock components, we can solve almost any storage related requirement. Shelves, racks, benches, desks, trolleys, security cages, display stands, dispenser for rolls of wire, even tiered seating platforms, it has all been done. Limited only to your imagination. Zincguard’s wide range of options aims to accommodate any combination of stored goods requirements.
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General heavy duty shelving

Novaspan Shelving

When people ask us what we recommend for general heavy duty shelving, (not pallet racking) for general industry or commercial use, we always start with Novaspan Longspan shelving. It is the best value, it is the most versatile, it’s quick and easy to assemble, and it’s a good-looking system. That is why Novalok’s industrial modular shelving is so popular! Built to exacting quality and safety standards and seismic ratings, these steel shelving systems provide great value for customers needing to store awkward shapes and sizes of product.
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Supplying systems since 1986.

Let us get involved in the initial design stages of your new project, you never know what problems we may be able to solve for you.

Novalok’s engineering team will assist you with the documentation process to enable your organisation’s racking project to be ‘Certified’ as compliant with the relevant standards. Furthermore Novalok assures you that our products will meet all required installation and manufacturing standards, subject to proper use and operation within maximum load ratings.

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