Implant Trolleys

User Friendly & Hygienic Implant Trolleys

Perfect for Busy Healthcare Environments

  • Ideal for hospital sterile stores with the popular Novex plastic shelving.
  • Top quality castors used only. Standard to supply 2x brake and 2x non-brake for all implant trolleys.
  • High quality, functional storage systems.
  • A good alternative when you need extra storage but do not have dedicated space.
Blue implant trolley

Novex Panels

Shelf Inserts

Implant Trolleys offers a number of shelving options, with the most popular being Novex panels. The Novex Polypropylene inserts offer smooth surfaces, no sharp edges to tear sterile wraps, and they are impervious to contamination and corrosion. Other shelving options include wire racking and solid panels.

Two Novex Planels. One in black. The other in grey

Covers / Security Options

Covers can be custom made and logos can be printed. Available in popular Canvas Cover or clear. For extra security mesh cages can be used.


New and improved Novalok chassis. Now can take Novex shelf inserts, acting as a bottom tier. On lighter duty units, wheels can be mounted directly to Novalok shelf units. For heavier duty applications, a chassis is used. We recommend anything over 200kg to have a full chassis.


30 x 30 x 3 Standard angle rails.
30 x 40 x 30 x 2.5 Heavy Duty Channel rails also available.
Standard lengths available:
800 • 900 • 1000 • 1200 • 1400 • 1500 • 1600 • 1800 • 2000

Durable Finish

Epoxy powdercoated over a zinc passivated coating. This provides a durable finish to the system plus gives an excellent aesthetic appearance.


Top quality castors used only. Standard to supply 2 x brake and 2 x non brake for all Implant trolleys.

End Grip Handles

When moving trolleys around, the simple option is to get end handles and make the job safer and easier on your body. Handles are fitted vertically onto the frame of the trolley.


Each frame is made up of two posts and horizontal and diagonal braces.
Standard Sizes: 900H • 1200H • 1500H • 1800H • 2100H
Standard Depths: 300D • 450D • 600D