Mezzanine Storage

Raised Platforms

Mezzanine Racking and Storage

Double your floor area

  • Double your floor area storage space.
  • Make full use of available stud height.
  • Each storage system is self supporting.
  • Fully modular and can be expanded at any time.
  • Great ROI value because you are obtaining more effective floor area.

Increased Storage

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Mezzanine Floor concept

Known as an intermediate floor. Mezzanines or raised storage areas allow for an economic increase of the storage area available. They can be self supported by their own structure, or by the shelving or racking below. Mezzanine floors are usually custom built to the customer’s requirement. Build it up higher and make more use of your factory’s cubic capacity. Raised storage is a real money spinner, we know you will find a storage solution from Novalok that will increase your cash flow and profits.

The main components of raised storage system are as follows:

  • Raised storage systems have separate flooring above the main racking.
  • Floors are of high strength Triboard or Steelwalk plank decking.  Often mesh flooring is used for the walking area to allow light through to the lower level.
  • Raised storage areas or ‘Mezzanine floors’ are a fully bolt together construction, so is easily disassembled for relocation or extension.
  • This additional mezzanine can be used for a storage area, process work, or light manufacturing.

Floor Capacity

Make more use of your factory’s cubic capacity

This unit is wholly supported by its own structure giving usable space for a variety of operations on the lower floor. A combination of shelving support and some additional structural steel work. The support shelving often extends to the full height, the mezzanine floor is really no more than a ‘cat walk’ to give access to the higher level of shelving.

What about compliance? Will a building consent be required for the installation of my mezzanine platform?

There are a few mitigating factors to review to answer this. Best course of action is to get in touch with us to arrange a site scope. We have a team of trained specialists who will scope your facility and work through a compliance checklist with you. This will determine the best way to approach your installation.

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Specialists in mezzanine racking and storage New Zealand

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