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Coolroom | Freezer | Food Hygiene

Designed to withstand demanding food hygiene standards.

  • Compliant with strict New Zealand food hygiene regulations.

  • Quick and easy clip together system. No nuts or bolts required.

  • Modular system can be reconfigured or added to at any time.

  • Solid steel core for maximum durability and strength.

  • Able to with stand temperatures as low as -40° C.

  • Made from bacteria resistant polypropylene.

  • No rust guaranteed

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Revolutionary Shelving.

Developed and constructed from materials to withstand demanding food hygiene conditions.

Plastlok’s tough polypropylene exterior is easy to clean and gives a smooth easy wipe down surface. The Plastlok system is acid and alkaline resistant and impervious to mould and bacteria based fungus. Each Plastlok component is dishwasher safe. Ideal in wet and dry areas, and also in situations where sterility and compliance is paramount. The Plastlok range is the ultimate solution to the demands of an HACCP compliant kitchen, with its seamless, “bug-trap” free design.
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The future of cool room shelving.

Developed and constructed from materials to withstand demanding food hygiene conditions.

Able to withstand temperatures as low as -40C, the Plastlok range is well suited for walk-in type cool-rooms, freezers and blast freezing areas. Ideal in environments that demand hygiene and sterility, the Plastlok range is a superior and revolutionary shelving system.
  • Modular design allows for extension bays that simply clip in and add on to initial bays.
  • Tapered dovetail post connectors that slide and lock firmly into vertical posts, giving excellent diagonal rigidity.
  • Solid steel core for maximum strength, rigidity and durability.
  • Heavy duty adjustable feet, to provide stability and allow for levelling to compensate for any irregularities in the floor surface.
  • Resistant to heat, grease, oil & chemicals,
  • Barrier to moisture, with a density of 0.90 – 0.92 g/cc
  • Corrosion resistant coating

Weight Tolerances.

Length Weight Weight/4Levels
910-1220mm 365kgs 1460kgs
1380-1825mm 275kgs 1100kgs
Corner Units
910-1220mm 180kgs 720kgs
Units Mounted on Castors
910-1380mm 360kgs


Height Depth Length
1800mm 355mm 910mm
2000mm 455mm 1060mm
530mm 1220mm
610mm 1370mm

Unit Sizes.

The following charts are provided to assist in developing a footprint for your storage area or in determining your actual shelf space. Traverse measurements are based on outside or overall unit length measurements which includes the posts. The overall length varies slightly when using a basic unit, add-on unit, intermediate unit or corner unit.

Basic Unit

Overall width & length

Add-on Unit

Shared post between basic and add-on unit.

Corner Unit

Using one set of corner connectors per shelf.

Intermediate Unit

Using two sets of corner connectors on each side of the shelf.

Unit Lengths (Overall Lengths)

Unit Basic Unit Add-On Unit Basic & Add-On Corner Unit Intermediate Unit
910mm 910mm 870mm 1780mm 890mm 865mm
1070mm 1070mm 1025mm 2095mm 1045mm 1020mm
1220mm 1220mm 1175mm 2395mm 1195mm 1170mm
1380mm 1380mm 1330mm 2710mm 1350mm 1325mm
1530mm 1530mm 1480mm 3010mm 1500mm 1475mm
1830mm 1830mm 1790mm 3620mm 1805mm 1780mm

Shelf Spacing

Post Height No. of Positions Per Post
230mm – Dunnage Post 01
1830mm 16
2140mm 19

(Dovetails are spaced every 100mm)

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