Efficient | Modular | Adjustable

Revolutionary Wall Mounted Shelving System

  • Mounted shelving, saving precious floor space.
  • Accessible shelf angle options for easy product access.
  • Easy to use, simple to install.
  • Practical and inconspicuous top ‘pendant’ mounting rail.
  • Modular shelving can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Adjustable cantilevering shelves.
  • Standard shelf depths: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm.
Cantivex shelving installed to wall

Novalok’s Cantivex System

Cantivex – Revolutionary Wall Mounted Shelving System

Developed for the demanding healthcare and sterile laboratory environments. For those familiar with the Duoguard with Novex shelves, this is a wall mounted equivalent. Cantivex is a wall-strip and bracket system, but what sets it apart is the heavy duty wall channel and the availability of a 600mm deep shelf.

Close up of Cantivex shelf

Fully Modular and Built to Last

Cantivex is used in a number of public healthcare facilities and is currently being specified into contracts by architects nationwide.
Close up photo of Cantivex shelf

Architects and customers New Zealand wide who have been introduced to this exciting new concept have all immediately grasped the fact that cantilever fills a real gap in the market. Simple to install, easy to use and compliant with strict New Zealand hygiene and sterile codes of practice. The new Cantivex® system is fully modular and built to last. Shelves are adjustable in 50mm increments vertically, with cantilevering shelves able to clip in either horizontally or clopping forward for easy product access. The wall strip is made from 3mm thick steel which is what makes this option significantly stronger than the majority of other systems available.

It incorporates an inconspicuous top ‘Pendant’ mounting rail which is aluminium and has an epoxy powder coated finish. It also has a base “Fender” anchor rail (attached as a part of the wall lining from construction stage or retro fitted afterwards). The Cantivex storage rail system can cover the entire length of a wall or just part of it. Cantivex allows for the mounting of shelves, cabinets, benches, IV equipment and many other fixtures at any point along a wall, without the need to accommodate internal wall fixing points or hidden feeder pipes or wires.

The Ultimate Option for Hygienic Storage

Novex Plastic Shelving

Cantivex offers a variety of shelving options, with the most popular being Novex panels. These panels have been specifically designed for the demanding sterile environment within the healthcare sector. The Novex Polypropylene inserts offer smooth surfaces, no sharp edges to tear sterile wraps, and they are impervious to contamination and corrosion. There are three standard widths for this shelf option: 300mm, 450mm or 600mm. The Cantivex System also has a range of brackets available to take the following shelf materials:

Novex Plastic panel.
Bare or pre-finished (meltica) board shelves.
Powder-coated steel panel shelves.
Stainless Steel Panel shelves.
Plastic coated wire racks.
Stainless steel wire racks.

Two Novex Planels. One in black. The other in grey

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