How can Novalok’s racking accessories improve your warehouse storage and shelving systems?

How can Novalok’s racking accessories improve your warehouse storage and shelving systems?may-15-pallet-racking-diagram

Do you want to safeguard your equipment?

Do you want to protect your racking system?

Do you want to increase your storage potential?

Storage rack accessoriesStorage rack accessories

We stock a full range of specialist racking accessories to safeguard your equipment, and increase the safety of your stored pallets.
Our wide range of racking accessories provide protection for your racking system and help you get maximum performance from your storage system.

What accessories do we offer?

Upright Protectorsmay-15-racking-g
These are vertical support and column guards to safe guard the structure during fork lift operations
Uprights; Can be spliced to provide high bay storage up to 30 meters.
Pallet Support Bars; Provide support for pallet depths which may be less than the depth of the rack.
Post Pallet channels; Positive and save location for the feet of post pallets and stillages.
Shelf Panels; Can be used on any beam length and are quickly and easily fitted.
Chocks; To hold awkward loads securely.
Fork Entry Bars; Clip over beams to allow loads to be handled by lift truck without using pallets.
Guide Rail; These protect the Rack base.
Pallet Guides; Often used to help pallet loading location at high levels where visibility is difficult.
Skid Channels; Reduces the risk of floor damage while firmly anchoring the rack
Mesh Decks; Protects employees and products

Our special applications include:


Click here to find out more about two of our most popular products or click on the images below to download a PDF flyer.

Safety Mesh Deck – Reinforced Mesh Shelving
High Visibility Pallet Rack Protector

All our pallet racking accessories are priced on enquiry based on warehouse analysis design and the installation service available.

Click here to make an enquiry about our quality racking accessories.

Contact Novalok today to find out how our range of racking accessories can improve the performance of your storage system!

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