Smart workshop storage solutions from Novalok

Smart workshop storage solutions from Novalok

Keeping your workshop clean and clutter-free requires smart workshop storage solutions. Whether you have a gigantic workshop or small shed, you need workshop storage that utilises available space wisely. Storing tools and materials so they’re out of your way means there’s more room to work.

Novalok offers a HUGE variety of bin kits & work benches to keep your workshop organised!


Work Shop Storage – practical information & tips

In the workshop, a clean-bench policy is practical and efficient but only works when there is sufficient storage for parts and materials. When looking at the storage options for items consider not only the functional needs but also safety requirements. These are some useful tips for storage of small items in the workshop…
Separate storage for incompatible materials is a must particularly anything that is flammable.
All substances must be clearly labelled to avoid confusion or inadvertent contact with incompatible substances.
When re-using containers, remove or obscure the old label after cleaning the container and relabel.
Materials should be stored in appropriate containers and rigid containers must be used in preference to flimsy cardboard boxes or cartons. Rigid plastic bins are ideal for workshop storage purposes.
Shelving must be secure and never overloaded. Ensure that freestanding shelves and cupboards are secured to walls.
Materials must be stored in such a manner to avoid spillage, leakage, breakage or falls.
Stored items should be periodically reviewed to ration alise their storage and dispose of obsolete items. Effective stock rotation should identify items that are deteriorating, or of no use, or not required.

Work benches – sturdy and practical

Novalok produces a range of stunning, sturdy and very practical work benches. Specialist coasted for long lasting protection these units are designed and guaranteed to last you a lifetime.
Sturdy Design
Hardy plywood bench top
MDF Storage Shelf


Bins – effective storage for multiple small parts

Small part bins are the ultimate solution to storing a large collection of individual parts, efficiently and cleanly. Small parts bins make for easy access and make the selection process clear and straight forward especially when time is of the essence.
Large hand grips
Integral Label holder
7 Bin sizes
Use Free-standing, stacked and on shelving or fit onto louvred panels.

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