Novalok offer a wide range of storage racks to suit your needs

Novalok offer a wide range of storage racks to suit your needs

wide-isle-selective-pallet-rackingProblem: “My stock is always changing in height.
I need to be able to access each individual pallet and to pick from the bottom levels with a variety of different trucks”

Solution: Wide Aisle Selective Pallet Racking offers fully adjustable beam levels to suit varying pallet heights.
There is 100% accessibility to pallets and aisles and designed to be wide enough for fork trucks to pass one another.
Problem: “I need to be able to store more pallets in my current location without having to extend the building”

double-deep-pallet-rackingSolution: Consider Novarak Double Deep Selective Racking which can halve the number of aisles that would be required with wide aisle application.

This enables better space utilization. However this type of application requires double deep trucks and restricts access to each individual pallet.



Problem: “ I need the best space utilization both in height and floor area whilst retaining the ability to access every individual pallet together with pallet height adjustability.”
narrow-aisle-rackingSolution : Narrow aisle Racking retains the flexibility of wide aisle racking but increases storage capacity by reducing the aisle and storing pallets to a greater height.

It also maintains a good speed of throughput.
Problem : “I have a slot of identical pallets to store. As a safety issue I cannot block stack but I need to get as many pallets as possible into a given area without specialist equipment.”

drive-in-rackingSolution: Drive-in Racking, although slow in throughput, offers high density storage.

Drive- in Racking Is particularly suited to cold or chill store environments.
Problem: “My stock is always changing it is smaller items that are not palletized and is reasonable weight. I need to be able to access each individual item and to pick from each shelf.”

Solution: “Novalok “works” Shelf where particle board or wire mesh is supported by beams with extra supports to carry the desired load.
It enables storage of very small items and can also carry pallets if needed.


Problem: “I require a hand picking operation for documents or small parts in a high density environment without the use of mechanical handling equipment.”

raised-storage-platformsSolution: Raised storage areas where frames support not only the shelving but also the walkway for pedestrian access.

Goods can be loaded on or retrieved from the higher levels by means of fork-lift trucks.





Problem: “My stock is always changing. It is medium to light weight and needs to be stored on a shelf.”

novaspan-longspan-shelvingSolution: Novaspan Long Span Shelving where particle board is supported by metal beams and frames.

Allows for quick assemble and is easy to move.
Problem: “I have a lot of long items that I need to store. These items are unable to be stored in normal selective racking because of the length.”

cantilever-shelvingSolution: Cantilever Racks where arms are cantilevered out from a column/frame.

This allows for long length to be stored along the length of it.





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