Plastlok – revolutionary Interlocking Shelving Systems

Developed and constructed from materials to withstand demanding food hygiene and healthcare conditions, the PLAS-LOK range is New Zealand’s No.1 shelving system both in functionality and good looks.

At home in environments that demand hygiene and sterility, the PLAST-LOK range is a superior and revolutionary shelving system.

PLAST-LOK is constructed from materials that are impervious to mould and bacteria based fungus. The uprights and horizontal rails incorporate a solid steel core for maximum durability and strength, incased in as easy-to-clean tough polypropylene exterior.

Designed as bolt and nut free and completely weld-less, the PLAST-LOK range is easy to assemble and install. Fully modular, the PLAST-LOK range is configured using only four clip-together parts which come in a variety of sizes for maximum dimensional flexibility. The PLAST-LOK units also come complete with adjustable feet to compensate for any irregularities in the floor surface.

cleaning-racks-colour-correctedEasy to clean
The polypropylene skin gives a smooth easy wipe down surface. Because of the polypropylene encased steel core, The PLAST-LOK system is impervious to bacteria, dirt, liquids and acidic juices cannot get caught in joints and seams.

Each PLAST-LOK component is dishwasher safe.

Hygienic storage areas are complemented when incorporating the ‘easy cleaning’ properties that PLAST-LOK provides. With PLAST-LOK HACCP compliant operations and sterile environments are easier to gain and maintain.

plast-lok-static-unit-article-7Rust free
For use in Wet, Dry and Sterile/Hygienic areas.

The PLAST-LOK range incorporates a Polypropylene coasted steel core. This coating fully encapsulates the steel core which is seamless. As there are no joins or crevices, the PLAST-LOK system is rust free.
Ideal in environments that are highly corrosive i.e Marine. Suitable in blast freezer conditions, down to minus 40c and damp and wet environments.

A must for areas that are required to operate within an HACCP & IFHS compliant enterprise.

Shelf Configurations
PLAST-LOK has four key components these components are available in a variety of sales to give flexibility in configuring customised layouts to suit most applications. . There are many size options to suit your storage requirements. Easy to assemble rails and shelves can be configured to suit whatever space is available.
Shelves can be adjusted in 100mm increments without disassembling the unit. Units can be easily connected at right angles to each other using bridging connectors. These can be used to form U-shapes units (full bridge)
When adding on to a starter unit the rails on the first and second unit share the middle post. AS a result only two additional posts, instead of four, are required. This simplifies assembly and reduces cost without compromising the strength of the unit.

Plast-lok Components

Static Units:
A. POST SETS which include 2 posts and a set of one and one bottom post connector.
B. SHELF SETS which include 2 rails and a combination of shelf panels to fit the length of the rails.

Mobile Units:
A. POST KITS which include 2 posts for mobile units and a set of post connectors.
B. SHELF SETS which include 2 rails and a combination of shelf panels to fit the length of the rails.
C. Castors are sold separately.

Corner Bridge Connectors:
Bridge connectors go between a static unit and a second unit in a 90 degree angle or between two units to form a U shape.
A set of corner connectors are needed for each shelf. When using bridge connectors weight bearing capacity will reduce to 180kg per shelf.
Bridge connectors are recommended for use on rails equal to, or shorter than 1200mm

Castors are available for mobile or high density Skytrack units,
Castors screw into the upright posts and are available in either braked wheel or not.

Talk to the Novalok team about your shelving requirements…install-team
Full project management of your storage design and installation

Novalok’s engineering team will assist you with the documentation process to ensure your shelving is compliant with the relevant standards. Novalok will ensure products will meet required installation and manufacturing standards subject to proper use and operation within maximum load ratings.

Talk to us today about your specific shelving and racking requirements.

Novalok offers CAD layout/designs and .dwg files in the “CAD” tab

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