Safety in the workplace for selective pallet racking

Safety in the workplace for selective pallet racking

Safety in the workplace is a high priority to employers, but it is also a legal obligation. One particular area of safety focus is racking systems in warehouses. Racking should be set up, operated and maintained according to the instructions of the racking manufacturer.

Racking should cater specifically for the size, shape, and weight of the products being stored. It should also be compatible with the pallets and material handling equipment utilised within the work environment. Working load limits should never be exceeded, and regular inspections to check for damage and/or overloading should be carried out.

Novalok setting the standard for safety compliant pallet racking systems

“In the shelving and racking industry, people are becoming much more aware of ‘Seismic’ integrity. Local Bodies are insisting on consents for all racking jobs, ‘Code of Compliance’ is now a must have. Since the Christchurch earthquakes, and then the Wellington region earthquakes, we are finding these events are having a positive effect on raising the bar on the quality of product and installation standards.”

John Suckling, CEO Novalok

As well as having up to date compliance certification for all our pallet racking and associated products, Novalok has had independent testing on the frame systems carried out by Compusoft Engineering at the Auckland University School of Engineering. 

Download/View Testing Result
NEW from Novalok!! Rack Check book – Pallet Racking Log book
Most incidents with pallet racking can be avoided. A lack of knowledgeable warehouse rack inspections, over-looking and under estimating pallet rack damage, and failure to address damaged and missing pallet rack components can lead to costly accidents both regarding financial and worker safety. This can be prevented by regular warehouse rack inspections and repair or replacement of damaged pallet rack components.

“Regular maintenance and repairs to damaged pallet racking is an essential ingredient to a safe warehouse operation, and if not done in an orderly and timely way, with records kept, can have serious consequences if and when a collapse occurs, Novalok have a publication to make this task easier for you – ask for a copy of our ‘Pallet Racking Log Book’.”

John Suckling, CEO Novalok

NEW! Rack Check book – Pallet Racking Log book. – a comprehensive safety check manual to ensure the quality and integrity of your pallet racking is fully maintained.

Rack Check Starter Kit (includes set of 3 x 3 category stickers, Rack Check Manual, Presentation folder, Product Catalogue) RRP $56.00
Rack Check Sticker Set 3 x 3pk category stickers RRP $9.00

Call us today on 0508 668 256 to receive 1 FREE Rack Check starter kit* (RRP $56.00)
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Novalok & Victor Pro products to enhance the longevity & safety of your racking

Victor Pro (Novalok) high visibility pallet rack protectors and Novalok mesh decks enhance the safety of your pallet racking system and provide a safer work environment for your staff. See below for more information.

Victor Pro – High Visibility Pallet Rack Post Protector

feb-article-post-protectors-1Post Protectors are protective shields that attach to the racking post and are designed to prevent minor impacts and the general scrapes that are common in a busy warehouse.

Damage to the base of a column can weaken the entire frame. Post Protectors are usually fitted on all of the front posts, and will dramatically increase the life of your racking.

VictorPro is the most effective, and the most competitively priced racking protector available.

Features & benefits of Victor Pro post protectors

Tough rounded outer shell to deflect impacts, and a resilient inner shock absorbing pad to spread and absorb impact load
Fluorescent hi-vis yellow colour ensures high visibility promoting safer operating areas
Easy and inexpensive to install
Does not protrude into the safe working clearances of an aisle or storage bay
Post protector sizes are available to suit all rack types and can be doubled stacked to increase height protection
Flexible side wings that can be cut out to fit
Tested to FEM 10.2.02 standards, the Victor Pro post protector is recommended for normal aisle post protection (A steel guard is recommended for end of aisle rack corners)

check systems rackingRacking protection – saving you repair costs over the long term

Racking Protection is a very serious consideration for anyone setting up a bulk storage racking system.

Good protection systems can save the owner many thousands of dollars over the life of a racking system. The extra cost initially is a small price to pay compared with substantial ongoing repair costs.

Safety Mesh Deck – Reinforced Mesh Shelving

feb-article-mesh-decks-gallerySafety conscious warehouse operators can’t afford to ignore the dangers of unrestrained product stored above head height. An essential for staff and stock safety in your warehouse, mesh decks are used to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the rack structure.

Specifically designed and fabricated to accommodate a huge range of pallet racking systems and configurations, mesh decks construction also allows for easy identification of shelf contents and prevents dirt and other debris from accumulating on the shelves because of the holes in the mesh. Typical wire decking specs are 100 x 50 x 4/5mm heavy duty industrial zinc plated wire.

Each standard deck (typical 1330L) comes with 3 x channel supports underneath that saddle over the front and back racking beam providing full support to the wire mesh decking.

Novalok offers a range of wire mesh decks

At Novalok we carry an assortment of wire mesh decks as an alternative to safety bars. Each mesh deck has a capacity rating that exceeds 2,000 lbs UDL (uniformed distributed load ) This means that it can carry 2,000 lbs as long as the load is distributed along the entire surface of the mesh deck, and not on any one particular smaller area, commonly referred to as a point load.

Features & benefits of mesh decks

Mesh decks are easy to install and can be adapted and retrofitted into existing structures
Protects employees and products by making it easy and safer to load pallet onto all beam levels especially high ones
Improves inventory visibility, allows light and air infiltration, and is maintenance free in terms of cleaning
Flexible for storing odd shaped products and pallets, and loading designs of up to 1000kg per level

Mesh shelving ideal for complying with fire safety standards

Mesh decks are a preferred alternative to traditional timber shelf inserts. Where there is a sprinkler system installed, mesh decks allow maximum effectiveness or water circulation in the case of a fire. Correctly installed mesh shelving complies with NZ fire regulations.

In conclusion…

Novalok Mesh Deck Shelving works hand in hand with new Victor Pro post protectors which provide extra benefits when loading or off-loading stock. Providing safety for personel especially when using forklift equipment by means of protecting the vital supports of your warehouse racking.

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