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Developed to European Standards according to ISO 3394

Novalok MMS Dividable Plastic Baskets and Trays

  • Tough ABS plastic construction, available in clear or opaque blue.

  • Versatile modular divider systems. – Interior lengthways and crossways.

  • High load tolerance, rated to 25kg load per basket.

  • Compliant with European standard of 600 x 400 according to ISO 3394 .
  • The transparent blue polycarbonate baskets are heat resistant to 125 deg C.

  • Dividers can clip into other dividers so that divisions can be sub-divided as required.

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Healthcare Logistics Management

Designed to improve the quality of handling and organisation of products, within the healthcare system.

Novalok MMS dividable plastic baskets are made to the European standard measurements of 600 x 400 according to ISO 3394. The baskets have a full range of organisational elements for storage and arranging items according to type and size. The Novalok MMS system is fast becoming the industry standard in European clinical/medical institutions, if it is not already the standard. Developed for modern steri-packed items, specific to the Healthcare profession.

Efficient Logistics Management System

Storage. Transport. Distribution.

The flat Tray or 1.2 grooved basket is the standard size storage support with exterior measurements of 600 x 400mm or 300 x 400mm (basket only), with a height of 15, 50 and 100mm for the trays and 100 and 200mm for the baskets. Both are made of heat injected opaque or transparent blue acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) for easier product viewing and in transparent blue polycarbonate (PC) (heat resistance 125o C) to order. The lengthways 600 x 400mm or crossways 400 x 300mm DIVIDER/ SPACER, allow for the inside of the tray/basket to be sub- divided in order to separate different products or batches.
As with the basket and tray, the divider is made of heat-injected opaque or transparent blue ABS and in transparent blue PC. The ends of the divider are fitted with a support or fixture mechanism built into the divider itself, clipped to the basket and strap-type on the tray, to ensure the solid attachment of the divider to the basket/tray and to avoid its accidental removal when handling the product located on the inside. The divider can be split up to generate partial compartments with the use of the T-connector.

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