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Developed to European Standards according to ISO 3394

Modular Cabinets & Racks are ideal for hospital logistics management

  • Light, yet highly durable.

  • Hygienic & easy to clean.

  • The ultimate system for hospital logistics management.

  • High load tolerance.

  • Adjustable bin positions.

  • ABS Sliding guides.

  • Fully enclosed cabinets for hygiene and security.

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Efficient Logistics Management System

Simple. Economic. Efficient.

The Novalok MMS system is designed to the European standard measurements of 600 x 400 according to the ISO 3394 for the storage, transport and distribution of medical / clinical products for the healthcare market. It is a simple, economic solution for the management of medical / clinical products in todays hospitals and institutions. The 600 x 400 shelving system, makes for greater stock control and integration with modern management systems.

Floor and wall mounted module options

Floor Mounted Wall Mounted
Full height floor mounted modules Bench height wall mounted modules
Under-bench floor mounted modules Over-bench wall mounted modules

Assembled Racking sizes (mm) as follows;

Shelf unit for 400 wide baskets: Shelf unit for 600 wide baskets:
1 bay = 2100h x 475w x 635d 1 bay = 2100h x 673w x 435d
2 bays = 2100h x 920w x 635d 2 bays =2100h x 1316w x 435d
3 bays = 2100h x 1365w x 635d 3 bays = 2100h x 1959w x 435d
Additional bays + 445mm to the width Additional bays + 643mm to the width.

Good looking & built tough

Innovative Shelving

The high modular cabinet with the 600 x 400 mm modular system makes for tidiness and Kanban-type management of the product in the department warehouse; the low and wall-mounted modular cabinets together with the 600×400 mm modular system provide convenient accessibility to the product, and the work surface makes for easier cleaning and disinfection of the nurses’ work area. And, more specifically, the wall mounted cabinets for medication makes for easier storage and replacement of medicine in the department.
The vertical frame has 22 basket slide attachment points for the sliding guide rails at 75 mm increments. The overall frame dimensions are 2100 high x 435 or 635 depending on which way around you want to store the baskets. Other heights are available on request. Diagonal braces are fitted at the rear of each bay. Cabinet dimensions are similar but units can be made to measure.

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