Maximizing shelving space with Slide by Side mobile shelving

Maximizing shelving space with Slide by Side mobile shelving
Novalok storage systems are New Zealand’s greatest innovators
in mobile high density storage solutions.


When it comes to maximising storage spaces to accommodate a variety of small and large items the Lineal or Slide by Side system has been very successful. This system is able to be installed at the floor level of pallet racking between uprights or in a narrow room or passageway where shelving can only be accessed from one side.

The benefit of this system is that by sliding the front shelf unit to one side you can easily access items at the back of the shelves that would otherwise be very difficult to extract without moving items in front out of the way first. It is great for separating products from each other and giving them their own locations and also excellent for stock rotation.

Easy to install, adjustable shelving – The perfect space saving storage solution

adjustable-shelvingThe Slide by Side system is very easy to install and use, with adjustable shelving heights, they can be designed to fit in almost any space.

Take a look at a video of our recent project with Amtech, who installed the “Works Z Series Range” – The shelving is powder coated in orange on the Slide by Side system. This compact shelving system was a perfect for the job.

The narrow aisles are not a problem for the slide by side mobile shelving units, the sliding shelves allow for easy access to shelving behind, by simply sliding them to the side, something you could not do with normal stationary shelving.

Available in a range of finishes and shelving styles

The reknowned ‘Z’ series shelving unique to Novalok is unsurpassed in its versatility, strength and popularity making it capable of being adapted to suit almost every situation it is confronted with.

The ‘Z’ series is one of the only modular adjustable Stainless Steel shelving systems available in Australasia and has proven itself even in marine environments.

With its sturdy design, adjustable shelving levels and 150kg-500kg shelf capacity, the Z series is the perfect mobile storage for your business.

Available to be powder coated in any colour to suit your requirements. (See video above for the orange option!)

Take a look at the Works Z series shelving

07-05-novalok-works-z-series-shelving-01Novalok WORKS is a very popular, economical, medium capacity shelving system.

An attractive and economically priced shelving system for use in spare parts and general storage.

Powder Coated in Silver Pearl.
Sturdy Design.
1000kg max weight loading per module.
Easily adjustable shelf levels in 50mm increments.
Shelf capacity from 150kg-500kg shelf level depending on unit lengths.
Available as a static unit, or on castors as a trolley.
Mobile bays consist of standard bays of shelving mounted on a chassis with swivel castors.

Finishes available with the Work Z Series

Shelving available with the Work Z Series







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