Archive shelving & storage solutions – space saving & functional

Archive shelving & storage solutions – space saving & functional
If you need a solution for storing documents or items relating to your business…
you need NOVALOK!

Archive storage often has a range of requirements including utilising specific or limited space, ensuring accessibility of items stored, and the safety and protection of archived items, Novalok are experts in archive storage solutions with a proven track record of completing hundreds of archive storage projects throughout New Zealand. The Novalok team are happy to advise what would best suit your needs and work within your budget.

Some of the products Novalok recommend for archive storage are:


Need more space? Check out Novalok’s mobile storage units…

Considerations when planning your archive storage requirements…

Double your capacity or half your floor area with one of Novalok’s mobile storage and shelving units. With a range of options available including the Novaspan Mobile shelving unit, Novalok can assist to find the right mobile archiving storage unit for you. Mobile shelving units are available as either a manually operated unit, which glides with fingertip pressure or as a mechanically assisted unit operated by a crank handle. Mobile archive shelving is the ideal system for areas where storage space is extremely limited.

When planning what type of archive shelving solution is best for your business, the following should be considered:
size and format of the items to be stored
how long will these items be in storage and what access is needed to them
conditions that the items needs to be stored in to keep them safe
General recommendations are that shelving to be used for archiving purposes should be:
made of a durable coated metal e.g. powder coated shelving
fit for purpose i.e. the width and height of the shelves or racks accommodate the items comfortably. In the case of large format items like maps and plans, these should be stored flat if possible
structurally sound, preferably seismically compliant, and lockable if the items are restricted.
laid out in a way that allows air flow around the shelves and keeps the items off the floor and away from external walls, ceiling lights and sprinklers.
When planning, ensure enough aisle space is available for staff to remove and reshelve items safely, there is a safe space for processing of items, moveable shelves can be fixed when working inside a row, and staff can exit quickly in an emergency.

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