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Durable, long-life shelving, ideal for the healthcare market.

  • MAF approved Shelving. Get perishable goods off the floor & utilize space.

  • Easily adjustable shelf heights in 50mm increments.

  • Sturdy Design. One module will take 1000kg.

  • Ideal for hospital sterile stores with the popular Novex plastic shelving.

  • Dual protective coating to protect against rust.

  • Available as a mobile, static or fixed unit with interchangeable components.

  • Also available in full stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee, making it the ultimate hygienic shelving system.

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Durable Design.

Novalok Duoguard is an attractive and economically priced shelving system, which has proved to be very popular in the healthcare  market.

It is ideal for hygienic applications in Hospitals, laboratories and technical institutions. The system is also suitable for use in cool rooms, freezers, commercial kitchens and dry goods storage areas.  Novalok Duoguard Shelving has proved itself in the market over the last 25 years to be the best, the most durable, the strongest, the longest life, and the most user friendly system available.

Duoguard options available

Shelving Panels

Duoguard shelving offers a variety of shelving options, with the most popular being Novex panels. The Novex Polypropylene inserts offer smooth surfaces, no sharp edges to tear sterile wraps, and they are impervious to contamination and corrosion. Other shelving options include:

  • Galvanised Steel, Powder coated or Stainless Steel options
  • MDF and particle board
  • Solid Panel inserts
  • Novex (pictured)
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Novalok Duoguard features.

The industry standard by which all other products are compared. There is more Novalok products in the cool rooms of New Zealand than any other single brand.

  • Nova = A bright new star increasing in brightness (Oxford Dictionary).
  • Lok = Indicates the way it locks together with no nuts or bolts.
  • Duoguard = Is the ‘Dual’ protective coating, or guard against rust. This is firstly electro zinc plated and then epoxy powder coated. This dual coating works very well, as the zinc plated base coating is the best key for the second coating of powder coating, improving its adhesion immensely, then if the powder coating does get damaged, the Zinc plating is still there to offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Weight Capacities.

Length Distributed Loads
800mm 500kgs
1000mm 400kgs
1200mm 350kgs
1400mm 300kgs
1600mm 250kgs
1800mm 200kgs
2000mm 150kgs


Heights available Depths available Lengths available
1500mm 300mm 600mm
1800mm 450mm 800mm
2100mm 600mm 1000mm
2400mm 1200mm
* Not available for heavy loads

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