Push Back Racking

Ideal For Large Quantities of the Same Product

Push Back Storage

  • Each level consists of a number of gravity conveyor lanes.
  • Fork lifts of any shape or size can be used with pushback to place each pallet at the front of the racking.
  • Pallets can be stored up to six deep.
  • Gravity conveyors are fitted with braked rollers for speed regulation.
  • Can be installed with the back against a wall.
Push back storage

Versatile System

The Pushback system is suited to storing large volumes of bulk product when stock rotation is not such an issue. It is First In Last Out ‘FILO’.

Our mobile system can hold pallets, wire bins, long material such as bars, rolls of carpet, packets of timber etc. therefore providing an extremely wide variety of uses.

The big advantage of ‘Push-Back’ as compared to ‘Drive-in’ is that any one remaining pallet of a type will always present itself at the front in a push-back system, so that it is immediately accessible, where it will remain at the back of a drive-in system. Each level consists of a number of gravity conveyor lanes. The product is loaded from the front, then, as the next pallet is loaded it is used to ‘push back’ the first pallet to make room and so on until the lane is full. It is not recommended to go more than 6 deep in a push back system.

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