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mar-14-wide-aisle-rackingNew Zealand’s continuing economic recovery means that many warehouse owners, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and logistics companies are now starting to look at expanding into new warehouse premises, and as a result are investing in additional pallet racking.

Others are reorganising their existing racking systems and making better use of the available space by (for instance) reducing aisle widths or moving to high rise racking to maximize storage space.

Selecting the brand, type of pallet racking, or the optimum layouts to install in your new warehouse are not always a straightforward process. With so many different options from Standard Racking, Double Deep Racking, Drive- in Racking to Powered Mobile Racking and Cantilever Racking identifying the most appropriate brand or type of pallet racking for your pallet storage and handling requirements and warehouse configuration can be complex yet crucial.

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How will the warehouse operate?

The throughput of the pallets should also be considered. For example some of the higher density systems may limit access to stored pallets. Below is a general guide:

Standard Aisle Pallet Racking 100% access to every pallet
Standard Aisle Double Deep FILO (First in Last Out)
Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking 100% access to every pallet
Push Back FILO (First in Last Out)
Drive In FILO (First in Last Out)
Mobile 100% access to every pallet
Pallet Live
FILO (First in Last Out)

Using a reputable warehouse solutions provider with experience to specify your pallet racking is a wise option. To aid in taking the correct steps it helps to be familiar with the main areas that will affect the choice.

Here’s a list of factors to consider when investing in pallet racking:

Cost versus Value: The financial cost is a major factor but it is often not the only factor or the most important.. Value is the real consideration. A more expensive type or layout may increase storage capacity or operation efficiency therefore providing better value for your company e.g. a drive-in system may almost double storage capacity per sq. metre as compared to selective racking.

Purpose: With any major capital project, it is important to specify the type of job that the pallet racking must do, based on the type of goods that will be stored on it.

Accessibility: The frequency of stock turnaround may mean that your pallet racking needs to be high access, whereas less frequently moving stock could be stored on a ‘Drive-in’ or a ‘Push back’ racking system.

Warehouse layout: The shape, size and height of your warehouse, the positioning of doors and windows may determine the type of racking you need.

Versatility: Flexible and adaptable to most situations as you may need to adapt the configuration of your pallet racking for different uses and pallet sizes, from adjusting existing shelf height to adding or removing shelving.

Robustness: Durability of the racking may be a very important factor in busy warehouse environments, or in conditions of extreme weather variation.

Seismic Restraint: It is important to consider that the system complies with local regulations for Seismic restraint.

Council Compliance: All racking is required to get Council Consent now, so the supplier you choose must be able to supply a PS1 (Producer statement), and all relevant specifications to achieve full compliance and council sign off.

Replacement/spares: The availability of spare parts and components such as beams and braces that can be delivered quickly and cost effectively can be key to the continuing operation of your warehouse. Annual rack checks are a requirement now for Health and Safety compliance.

Expert advice: Similarly, the availability of suitably qualified personnel to attend site and make any repairs that may be needed to your pallet racking, when they are needed will be key to keeping your warehouse operations going and up to date with health and safety regulations.

For a larger scheme a combination of pallet racking systems may offer the optimum solution.

It’s always sensible to invest in your pallet racking wisely and to use the services of an expert consultants and suppliers.

Looking for high quality economic racking that utilises your storage space?

Novalok Storage Solutions has been in the heavy duty industrial racking solutions industry for many years and have built a reputation throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for providing a ‘best practice’ client support service. We provide racking for every storage requirement, whether in a mixed product warehouse where any product varieties are stores or in bulk environments where storage of large tonnages of limited product range is required.

Novalok Storage Solutions, incorporating Victor Industries, offers a full pallet racking service, nationwide, from the planning and design of your pallet racking solution for your specific warehouse, through the supply and installation of your racking, to the regular inspection and repair of your racking infrastructure.

Contact Novalok on 0508 668 256 for an initial discussion about your requirements.

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