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A strong medium duty, long span shelving system, with a very durable anti corrosive nish

Zincguard is very popular because of its versatility. You can make almost any shelf, trolley, bench or workstation from the standard components available in this system.

Zincguard is a system that is hard to beat. It is more versatile than any other shelving product on the market. From the huge range of stock components, we can solve almost any storage related requirement. Shelves, racks, benches, desks, trolleys, security cages, display stands, dispenser for rolls of wire, even tiered seating platforms, it has all been done. Limited only to your imagination.

Ideal for cool-rooms/Freezers. Zincguard is a lower cost option compared to the popular Duoguard range and is often used for ower storage. Zincguard is fundamentally the same as Duoguard but without the powder coating. Zinc plating provides an excellent corrosion resistance which will not chip or scratch and is the industry accepted standard nish for coolroom shelving.
One of Zincguard’s major advantages is the huge range of standard sizes, and shelf options available,
• Wire Racks, ‘Novapol’ Plastic Coated
• MDF Board
• Plywood
• Meltica Board
• Plastic Novex Shelf Panels
• Galvanised Steel Panel
• Stainless Steel Panel
This wide range of options aims to accommodate any combination of stored goods requirements.