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specific design for hospitality & cooroom application

 Novatruss is a very attractive and economically priced shelving system, with a multitude of uses available in chrome or white coated nish.

Novalok stock the biggest range of sizes available in New Zealand of this very popular product. When tted with castors it makes an excellent trolley, we recommend a chassis with good quality castors for heavier duty trolleys.
Sparkling Chrome Novatruss shelving, looks brilliant in any situation. You see it in Hospitals, Shops, Fast Food outlets etc. all over the world. Chrome Wire Truss shelving is probably one of the most popular shelving systems in the world! The open wire system has a number of features
• Static Units, Add on Bays, Mobiles, ‘L’ & ‘U’ shape con gurations available.
• Sparkling good looks – Premium presentation.
• Quick and easy to assemble – No tools required.
• Open wire shelves don’t collect dust – Always looks clean.
• Chrome nish is very durable and hard wearing. – Doesn’t scratch or chip.
• Light weight – easy to move around.
• Low cost – you will be surprised how much your money will buy.
• Open wire design lets light through – No dark or shady areas.
• Wire shelves let products breathe – Makes a good cooling rack in a bakery.
• Good for storing linen goods – Stops items getting musty.
• Good for storing or displaying packaged food products. – Free air circulation.
• Strong, each shelf will take 250kg. – Doesn’t sag under load.
• Full range of accessories available such as dividers, retainers etc. – Customise
your system to suit your needs.

Novatruss Components