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creating order for small parts management

Novastore Parts Bins cater for all your small parts storage

Small part bins are the ultimate solution to storing a large collection of individual parts, ef ciently and cleanly. Small part bins make for easy access and make the selection process clear and straight forward especially when time is of the essence.

• Stackable
• Large hand grips
• Integral label holder • 7 bin sizes

Use free-standing, tower stack, place on shelving or lock into a Louvre panel. Dividers available for SB4, SB5, SB6 and SB7 Bins.

Louvre Panels

• Allows containers and bins to hang in high density con gurations. • Can support 68kg of stock for each 305mm height of panel
• Pre-drilled for xing to walls, rack end and backs
• Colour: Grey powder coat.

Bin Louvre Kits and Custom Solutions available.