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Selective pallet racking is the most common system for storing palletised goods.  Due to the wide range of dimensions and specifications required across industry sectors, we are confident your requirements can be satisfied from the Novalok product range.  Selective racking is quick to install, and individual beam levels are easy to adjust as your needs change.

  • Gives you 100% selectivity of products stored.
  • Is about 35% efficient in terms of floor space utilisation.
  • Can be accessed with a standard Fork Lift.
  • Victor’s new bolt together frames are 100% compatible with your original Victor product.

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Novalok Storage Solutions Ltd offers you “Turn Key’ solutions and this introduction takes you into the world of Industrial Racking.   Explained along with the issues and products you will consider. Novalok NOVARACK and VICTOR racking products are sourced from highly reputable international manufacturers, using highest grades of steel that meet, and comply with all international racking metallurgy standards.

Standard frames with depth of 900mm: Standard Beams:
Length mm Loading KGs
2100 8000
2400 8000
3000 8000
3600 8000
4200 8000
4800 8000
5400 8000
5850 8000
Height mm Loading KGs
1300 2300
1800 2300
2100 2300
2400 2300
2700 2300
3200 2000
3400 2000


Row Spacers: 200mm and 300mm standard. Special sizes available on request.

To get the maximum life out of your Novarak or Victor Pallet Racking installation, Novalok recommend you fit a good quality racking protection system, Go to our site on  Racking Protection to explore the options.

Our engineering team will assist you with the documentation process to enable your organisation’s racking project to be ‘Certified’ as compliant with these standards.
Furthermore Novalok warrants you that our products will meet all required installation and manufacturing standards, subject to proper use and meeting weight loading maximums.

Please consider the Novalok range in this section and should you wish to discuss your requirements with Novalok or to receive our technical advice, click here to find the applicable person.

Come and chat to us about racking … we have all the options available and we know you will find the right solution from Novalok. No one ever regretted buying Novalok.


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