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High bay racking is specialist racking and is usually combined with a built-for-the-purpose, high stud building where the racking supplier, architect and structural engineer all need to work together. This can be a very cost effective solution for a bulk storage facility.

High bay systems are quite specialist storage solutions and are usually designed with the building.  Sometimes they are designed as an integral part of the building structure and the racking is the structure which is built first and then clad. This construction is common in Europe and the USA.

Our engineering team will assist you with your documentation process to enable your racking project to be ‘Certified’ as compliant with the relevant standards. Furthermore, Novalok assures you that our products meet all required installation and manufacturing standards, subject to proper use and operation within maximum load ratings.Our mobile system can hold pallets, wire bins, long material such as bars, rolls of carpet, packets of timber etc. therefore providing an extremely wide variety of uses.


Check our design and compliance section to view the many options available and view the documents relating to ‘Structural Compliance’ and seismic requirements.

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Go up not out, it will cost you less in the long run. Whatever your needs, let us give you all the options, there will be a solution from the extensive range offered by Novalok. No one ever regretted buying Novalok!Get efficient, squeeze all those rows of racking up and give yourself the extra space you need without increasing you building area or overheads.  Among the many options that Novalok have to offer there will be a solution that suits you.  No one ever regretted buying Novalok.


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