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Novalok Storage Solutions Ltd offers you “Turn Key’ solutions and this introduction takes you into the world of Industrial Racking.   Explained along with the issues and products you will consider. Novalok NOVARACK and VICTOR racking products are sourced from highly reputable international manufacturers, using highest grades of steel that meet, and comply with all international racking metallurgy standards.

Novalok has 2 racking systems to offer:


The teardrop style which has been manufactured in New Zealand since 1967. Victor Racking is a well proven and well respected racking system that has been chosen by thousands of customers nationwide for over 45 years. The new generation Victor with bolt together frames is 100% interchangeable with the original product.


A very popular style.

We advise on issues of seismic strengthening requirements, Local Body consent applications and structural compliance regulations, to ensure your storage system is 100% ‘fit for purpose’

In the following pages of this section, you will be introduced to a raft of comprehensive and technical racking solutions. A typical large warehouse, as the diagram below indicates, may have a number of racking solutions incorporated under one roof. This may include High Level storage where volumetric efficiency is required. There will be dry goods stores, where both large and small product shelving will be required. There will be Raised Storage and Mezzanine storage areas to complete the typical scene.

Novalok Storage Solutions Ltd has been in the Heavy Duty Industrial Racking solutions industry for many years and have built a reputation throughout New Zealand and Pacific Islands for providing a ‘best practice’ client support service.

We provide racking for every storage requirement, whether in a mixed product warehouse where many product varieties are stored or in bulk environments where storage of large tonnages of a limited product range is required.

We have provided thousands of installations, both large and small to a cross section of New Zealand companies and have installed Heavy Duty Industrial Racking into some of the largest commercial warehouses in the country.

Heavy Duty Industrial Racking design and installation requirements are very complex, requiring systems to be engineered and installed to strict compliance standards. Novalok has designed and developed a comprehensive range of interlinking and related racking systems that cover virtually every bulk storage requirement.

Built to exacting quality and safety standards, and seismic ratings, these systems provide great value for customers needing to store heavy items on forklift accessible racking.

The section profiles are strong – offering extra rigidity. End protectors are recommended to resist forklift impact damage. (See our Racking Protection section).

The New Victor ‘Bolt Together’ frames are compatible with our original welded style. Frames are rated to take 8 tonne with nearly a two to one safety factor.

Novalok Storage Solutions market both the VICTOR Teardrop and NOVARACK Speedlock ranges.

Racking can be designed to fit any known configurations and to fit any available space.

Please consider Novalok’s very extensive range of technical solutions. Go to both the design and compliance sections for detailed design specifications and seismic compliance data, which will assist you in the planning process of developing an efficient and safe working storage environment.

Please consider the Novalok range in this section, and when you are ready to discuss your requirements with Novalok, or to receive our technical advice, click here to find the applicable person.

Spend some time here ……. we know you will find a racking and storage solution from Novalok that fits your exact warehousing demands.



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