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Novarak double deep racking is created by placing two double sided runs together. Pallets are stored two deep and are accessed using special ‘Reach Trucks’ with pantograph or telescopic forks.

  • Greater use of floor space by reducing number of access aisles
  • Not as good for rapid stock rotation – first pallet in is the last pallet out.
  • Less distance for the fork-lift truck to travel
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Better space utilisation


Performance of Double Deep Racking

  • Space Utilisation – Storage Area … 55%
  • Space Utilisation – Operating Aisle … 45%
  • Average Aisle Width … 3-4 m
  • Access to individual Pallets … 50%
  • Specialist Handling Equipment … YES

Double deep is a brilliant option if you are running out of space, or if you are setting up a new installation and there is a need to maximise storage capacity.

‘Double deep’ uses standard selective type racking, configured in double rows of two, back to back. If you are reconfiguring an existing installation, all the existing racking can be re-used. If you relocate at a later date the racking can be re-set up again, either as standard selective or in a double deep configuration.

The only additional cost is the need for a special forklift to access the second row, or back row of racking. Your traditional forklift is still suitable for the front pallets, a ‘Reach Truck’ will be required for accessing the back row. These units are not expensive and can be a low price to pay for the increased storage capacity with the double deep system.

Novalok’s engineering team will assist you with the documentation process to enable your racking project to be certified as compliant with the codes and standards. Furthermore, Novalok assures you that our products meet all known installation and manufacturing standards, subject to proper use and within recommended maximum weight load ratings.

Please consider the Novalok range in this section and should you wish to discuss your requirements with Novalok or to receive our technical advice, click here to find the applicable person.

Check out our design and compliance section to view all the options available and the documents relating to structural compliance and Seismic requirements.

Double deep is the best value option to increase your storage capacity. Look at all the options, whatever you decide, there will be a solution from Novaloks vast range of products. No one ever regretted buying Novalok.

Get efficient, squeeze all those rows of racking up and give yourself the extra space you need without increasing you building area or overheads.  Among the many options that Novalok have to offer there will be a solution that suits you.  No one ever regretted buying Novalok.


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