A full range of specialist racking accessories are available for the safeguarding of your storage personnel and equipment, and to get the full benefit of your racking system.

See full details, specifications, and pictures of racking accessories, and racking protection equipment in our design build section.

Additional items to increase safety of stored pallets, protection of your racking system, and accessories to help you get maximum performance from your storage system.

Accessories available

  • Upright Protectors; Vertical support and column guards to safe guard the structure during fork lift operations
  • Uprights; Can be spliced to provide high bay storage up to 30 meters.
  • Pallet Support Bars; Provide support for pallet depths which may be less than the depth of the rack.
  • Post Pallet channels; Positive and save location for the feet of post pallets and stillages.
  • Shelf Panels; Can be used on any beam length and are quickly and easily fitted.
  • Chocks; To hold awkward loads securely.
  • Fork Entry Bars; Clip over beams to allow loads to be handled by lift truck without using pallets.
  • Guide Rail; These protect the Rack base.
  • Pallet Guides; Often used to help pallet loading location at high levels where visibility is difficult.
  • Skid Channels; Reduces the risk of floor damage while firmly anchoring the rack
  • Got a problem; Our engineering design team will come up with a solution, just give us a challenge, we love them.
  • Mesh Decks; see below

Please consider Novalok’s very extensive range of technical solutions.  Go to the design and compliance sections for detailed design specifications and seismic compliance data, which will assist you in the planning process of developing an efficient and safe working storage environment.

Should you wish to discus your requirements with Novalok or to receive our technical advice, please request more information and you will be directed to a Business Development Manager in your area.

Mesh Decks

Safety conscious warehouse operators can’t afford to ignore the dangers of unrestrained product stored above head height. An essential for staff and stock safety in your warehouse, mesh decks are used to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the rack structure.

Specifically designed and fabricated to accommodate a huge range of pallet racking systems and configurations, mesh decks construction also allows for easy identification of shelf contents and prevents dirt and other debris from accumulating on the shelves because of the holes in the mesh. Typical wire decking specs are 100 x 50 x 4/5mm heavy duty industrial zinc plated wire.

Each standard deck (typical 1330L) comes with 3 x channel supports underneath that saddle over the front and back racking beam providing full support to the wire mesh decking.

View/Download Mesh Shelving & Safety

Features & benefits of mesh decks

  • Mesh decks are easy to install and can be adapted and retrofitted into existing structures.
  • Protects employees and products by making it easy and safer to load pallet onto all beam levels especially high ones
  • Improves inventory visibility, allows light and air infiltration, and is maintenance free in terms of cleaning
  • Flexible for storing odd shaped or sized products and pallets, and loading designs of up to 1000kg per level


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