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At Novalok we take your specialist needs seriously. We supply a leading quality standard of trolleys and accessories made in stainless steel to suit a wide range of hospital needs, from the laundry to the operating theatre.

Novamed trolleys

If you need high density storage but can’t have fixed cupboards, Novalok’s range of trolleys can store a large amount of goods and can be moved at a moment’s notice.

They can be used as part of your logistics and handling system or for extra storage when space is at a premium. A number of Novamed trolleys at 1800mm high, parked along a wall in a passage or corridor can provide a significant extension to your storage capacity.

Novalok Novamed trolleys are a standard steel framed trolley designed to take the Industry Standard 600 x 400 Bins and Baskets. Novalok Novamed Trolleys are made in our factory so can be made any size to suit your requirements. You may need to park some under a bench or in a cupboard, so we can manufacture to suit. They come with a vacuum formed acrylic plastic top panel which is easy removable for cleaning and disinfecting.


The frame is made of 25 x 25 z 1.6 Steel Square tube, and is finished in an epoxy powder coat, Cream or light grey in colour. Custom colours are available if required.

Trolleys can be ordered in any height.

A range of standard sizes are available:

1. Small Half Section Multipurpose Trolley
4. One Section Glasgow Trolley
Sizing (mm)
Optional extras
Sizing (mm)
Optional extras
840H x 350W x 445D
Chart Top
910H x 650W x 445DShelf/Tray
Chart Top & Foldable Side
2. Two Section Multipurpose Trolley
5. One Section Nursing Trolley
Sizing (mm)
Optional extras
Sizing (mm)
Optional extras
840H x 350W x 650D
Foldable Side Shelf/Tray
1200H x 650W x 445D
Foldable Side Shelf/Tray
3. One Section Multipurpose Trolley
5. One Section Chart Top Trolley
Sizing (mm)
Optional extras
Sizing (mm)
Optional extras
840H x 650W x 445D
Foldable Side Shelf/Tray
1100H x 650W x 445D
Foldable Side Shelf/Tray



Custom trolleys
Some Key features on our custom specialist products are:

  • High quality polished stainless steel
  • Quality, smooth running lockable castors
  • Silent easy glide base wheel assembly
  • Shelved units to maximise practicality
  • Accessory and cylinder holders
  • Fully welded frames
  • Foot control for height adjustment on tables
  • Practical tray holders
  • Flat and dished shelves


Novalok manufacture, import, source from local suppliers, products, to provide you with a complete range for the health and food industry, and for handling, storage and distribution. Let Novalok provide you with a ‘total solution’ to your needs in these key areas.

Novalok can work with a variety of materials, including; Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Timber.

The health and catering sectors demand high quality storage systems that are functional and hygienic. We are recognised for our ability to meet a wide range of demands with our selection of portable shelves, trolleys and carts.


Castors ‘make’ the trolley

Novalok will not skimp on Castor quality Novalok have supplied ‘cheap’ castors in the past to help provide a lower price trolley at a customer’s request, and what happens? The castor fails after a while and the whole trolley is branded as useless! Not good for the brand! Now we insist on a good quality wheel set, that is suitable for the task required of it. Pay a little more for the wheels and they will last for years. A full range of castors are available. Urethane or non-marking grey rubber tyres for general institutional use, glass-filled nylon (for freezers) to larger rubber tyred wheels – depending on applications. On lighter duty units wheels can be mounted directly to Novalok shelf units, for heavier duty applications, a chassis is used. We recommend anything over 200kg to have a full chassis.


End handles for trolleys

When moving trolleys around, the simple option is to fit end handles and make the job easier on your body. Handles can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

If you require a custom built trolley, our in-house design team can assist in designing and consulting in view of an end result that best suits the requirement. Please call us for pricing.


Please consider this innovative addition to the Novalok range in this section. It is all about making your job easier and more pleasant. For an obligation-free quote, to discuss your requirements, or to receive our technical advice, please visit our contact page.

When you need some special trolleys, some Novamed or customised trolleys could be the answer. Give us a call and talk over your problems with us, we love solving peoples problems! Novalok are the solutions providers. We know you will find a solution that meets your hospital, university or institutions needs exactly…. No one ever regretted buying Novalok.


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