Novatruss is a very attractive and economically priced shelving system, with a multitude of uses.

Novalok stock the biggest range of sizes available in New Zealand of this very popular product.
When fitted with castors it makes an excellent trolley, we recommend a chassis with good
quality castors for heavier duty trolleys.

Accessories available

  • Dividers
  • End retainers
  • Front and rear retainers
  • Clothes hanging rails
  • S Clips for add-on bays or bridging shelves
  • Label holders
  • Castor sets
  • Chassis for heavy-duty trolleys
  • Canvas covers for transport trolleys
  • Wine rack shelves
  • Shelf mats for storing small items
  • Pull out shelves.

By having a full range of products we are able to recommend a storage system that is the most suitable for your application, everything considered, and will work best for you. This avoids the common mistake of ‘One size fits all’. Because a supplier only has one range to offer, they may tell you they have got just what you need, and it may be just what you don’t need!


Chrome finish

Sparkling Chrome Novatruss shelving, looks brilliant in any situation. You see it in Hospitals,
Shops, Fast Food outlets etc. all over the world. Chrome Wire Truss shelving is probably one of
the most popular shelving systems in the world! The open wire system has a number of features which make it so popular.

  • Sparkling good looks – Premium presentation.
  • Quick and easy to assemble – No tools required.
  • Open wire shelves don’t collect dust – Always looks clean.
  • Chrome finish is very durable and hard wearing. – Doesn’t scratch or chip.
  • Light weight – easy to move around.
  • Low cost – you will be surprised how much your money will buy.
  • Open wire design lets light through – No dark or shady areas.
  • Wire shelves let products breathe – Makes a good cooling rack in a bakery.
  • Good for storing linen goods – Stops items getting musty
  • Good for storing or displaying packaged food products. – Free air circulation.
  • Strong, each shelf will take 250kg. – Doesn’t sag under load.
  • Full range of accessories available such as dividers, retainers etc. – Customise your system to suit your needs.


  • Heights (mm): 1600, 1800, 2100
  • Depths (mm): 300,450, 600
  • Lengths (mm): 600, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500
  • Loading capacity per shelf level EDL*: 600-1200 – 250kg; 1500 – 175kg

*Evenly Distributed Load

Note: Novatruss chrome is not recommended for use in a cool room or any damp environment, if you have a requirement for this sort of application, Novatruss ‘Duoguard’ is the answer.



Duoguard finish

The Duoguard finish is a dual coating, or ‘guard’ against rust. It is firstly electro zinc plated then epoxy powder-coated. This very successful ‘dual guard’ has proved so robust that we give it a 5 year guarantee in a cool-room application.

Novatruss Duoguard is essentially the same as the Novatruss Chrome although there is a slight size difference to prevent mix and match, as the chrome is not recommended for a cool-room.

Especially designed for Cool-room/Freezer installations, but with a multitude of uses. The open wire
system has a number of features which make it so popular.

  • Guaranteed not to rust – Good for Cool-rooms and damp environments
  • Quick and easy to assemble. – No tools required.
  • Open wire mesh shelves don’t collect dust. – Always looks clean.
  • Epoxy powder-coat finish is very hard wearing. – Will not flake and peel.
  • Light weight. – Easy to move around.
  • Low cost. – You will be surprised how much your money will buy.
  • Open wire design lets light through. – No dark or shaded spots.
  • Wire shelves allow maximum air circulation. – No warm spots in a cool room.
  • Strong, each shelf will support 250kg EDL. – Minimal sag under load.
  • Full range of accessories available. – Customise to suit your needs.

Note; Check door clearance heights before fitting castors to your shelf units.

When fitted with castors it makes an excellent trolley, we recommend a chassis with good quality castors for heavy duty applications.




  • Heights (mm): 1800, 2100
  • Depths (mm): 355, 457, 610
  • Lengths (mm): 900, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 (please note that 1500 and 1800 are not available in 355 depth)
  • Loading capacity per shelf EDL*: 900: 250kg, 1000: 250kg, 1200: 250kg, 1500: 175kg, 1800: 150kg

*Evenly Distributed Load

Novalok Duoguard is also available in a Mobile Skytrak configuration, when space is at a premium.


If you are unable to find exactly what you want from this range of accessories, contact the helpful team at Novalok and they will be delighted to design a custom made accessory exactly to your specification. You may not know what you want, but tell us what you are trying to achieve and the chances are we will have had a similar request previously and will be able to provide the solution you need.


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