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A revolutionary way to maximise your storage areas!

Novalok Skytrack is a robust, highly functional, user friendly storage system. We often hear comments from end users when we are doing a service check: “We really love using this shelving”

Novalok Skytrack allows you to get all your sterile storage requirements into a more compact area which reduces the distance staff have to walk, saving time and increasing efficiency. When used in a cool-room it allows you to increase the capacity significantly, making the best use of the most expensive floor space in your operation. It may even prevent, or delay the need to build an additional cool-room when more capacity is needed.


Designed and manufactured to exacting standards. The Novalok Skytrack system is becoming a ‘must have’ in the busy healthcare sterile store environment. The Duoguard finish is Epoxy powder-coated in fashionable white, over a bright passivated electroplated zinc coating, providing a durable finish to the system plus gives an excellent aesthetic appearance. Even if you do manage to damage the powder-coating, it is still protected by the zinc plating.

Recover up to half your floor space – Leave room for other activities.

  • Double your storage capacity – Up to twice as much storage capacity in the same space.
  • Hygienic top track system. – Makes floor cleaning a breeze.
  • Positive top track guides. – provides unimpeded access for trolleys and wheelchairs.
  • Silent running urethane wheels. – Low rolling friction, non-marking.
  • Available in various colours. – Any standard powder-coat colour to match your décor.
  • Closed-in or mesh end panels available. – for privacy or security.
  • Compatible with all standard Novalok accessories. – Customise to suit you needs.

The Novalok commitment to you

We have highly experienced project managers and an installation team who will ensure that your storage system is delivered and installed in the shortest possible timescale and completed with the minimum inconvenience to your on-going operation.

Our Skytrack system provides maximum storage in all situations offering a walk-between movable aisle system with no floor track to trip over. Our open frame design also allows more light to filtrate the work area, providing additional safety factors.

All Skytrack storage systems use the Z series frames and beams, and are designed with flexibility in mind so that you can adapt to the challenges of today’s ever-changing business environment. Skytrack storage allows you to have access to both sides of each shelf unit as there are no back panels or diagonal braces needed. Shelves can be fitted with dividers both lengthwise and widthwise to make it the most adaptable system to suit any variety of products.

This system is typically found in hospitals, pharmacies, document stores, rest homes, in fact most situations
where maximum storage is required and space is limited. The customised design allows this system to be used virtually anywhere.

Conventional fixed systems have aisles that occupy excessive space. By using our high density mobile shelving system you can recover up to 50% of your floor [or double your storage capacity] by eliminating fixed aisles.

All the shelf options and accessories, as listed in the Duoguard Z series section, can be incorporated in your mobile system.

Mobile and Adjustable

We provide a complete design through to installation package, with the excellent back up, maintenance and after sales service that you would expect from a family owned business.

Whether it’s for sterile stores, pharmacy, dental, paediatrics, theatres, emergency plus many other hospital
departments, and Foodservice applications, Novalok Skytrack fits in. The system is manufactured here in New Zealand and is custom designed and built from standard modular configurations to suit the application. Duoguard Skytrack is available in assorted colours. Skytrack is also available in Zincguard, and stainless steel.

No floor track to trip over or gather dirt!

Up to double your storage capacity with these units!

It’s hard to beat the genuine Duoguard ventilated shelving system! There would be more of this shelving in cool-rooms and freezers around New Zealand than any other single brand.


Please consider the extensive range in this section. For an obligation- free quote, to discuss your requirements or to receive our technical advice, please visit our Contact page.

Well proven top quality shelving system for cool-rooms and hygienic applications. Novalok have been supplying these systems to hospitals and restaurants since 1986. We know that it will perform for you like it has for thousands of other happy customers! No one ever regretted buying Novalok.


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