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Novalok are your chiller shelving and chiller storage experts in NZ

For Automatic feed, gravity flow, front view always full, no reaching in for goods.

System works well, ideal for food and drinks in a glass front chiller, load from the rear and as items are selected from the front the stock slides forward so the shelf always looks full from the front. Excellent stock rotation for shelf life goods as it is FIFO (first in first out).

Mass flow racking is a system designed to have new stock entered into a chiller shelving unit and progressively moved to the front dispensing side as items are removed

Mass flow works on a gravity feed basis with either special low friction plastic panels for bottles or cans or packaged food Rollers are used for heavier items or cartons that are unlikely to slide on the plastic surface.  Call us to discuss your chiller storage requirements!


Novalok can design and manufacture any mass flow racking system you may be considering, whether for food or general merchandise

Used a lot in cool-rooms for food or drink shelving, but also popular in industry for high volume picking processes.

Have a closer look at Novalok’s extensive Food Storage, Coolroom and Freezer product range in the following pages and should you wish to discuss your chiller shelving or chiller storage requirements with Novalok or to receive our technical advice, click here to find the applicable person.

Speed up delivery from the back to the front of the shop… now merchandise is available to the customer. We know you will find a mass flow shelving solution from Novalok that will make your retail section for more efficient.


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