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Novalok Storage systems was established in 1986 and specialises in the production of coolroom and freezer shelving.

Novalok has offices in Auckland, Wanganui and Wellington.

Novalok is the market leader in New Zealand for coolroom and freezer shelving, having the most comprehensive range of specialist products for these applications.

Novalok offers you a ‘turn key’ solution.

We advise on issues of seismic strengthening requirements, Local Body consent applications and structural compliance regulations, to ensure your storage system is 100% fit for purpose.

Novalok Storage Solutions Ltd has been in developing and installing cool-room and freezer shelving solutions for over 25 years and have built a reputation throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for providing a best practice, client support service. We have provided hundreds of cool-store and freezer installations, both large and small, to a cross section of New Zealand cool stores, restaurants and commercial kitchens from the smallest SME businesses to some of the largest commercial distribution warehouses in the country.

In the follow pages is an extensive and diverse range of Cool and Freezer Storage Solutions.

Novalok are the ventilated shelving experts, no other shelving company has the experience and expertise for this industry specific market, whether it be a small walk-in chiller that needs 1 module of shelving, or a large 5000+ pallet capacity warehouse requiring a drive-in or flow-through racking system.

Coolroom and Freezer Storage shelving requirements are very diverse, with maximisation of volumetric space a critical element of any installation.

Novalok has designed and developed a very wide product range of both shelving and racking systems for this specialist market.

The Novalok range is segmented into cost effective options to suit the budget of every kitchen, restaurant or warehouse development.


Our entry level shelving product, wire shelving system, is very competitively priced. Its is available in a range of finishes and configurations.


The Novalok DUOGUARD ‘Z Series’ range is a very popular option. It is made from mild steel which is zinc plated and powder coated, or stainless steel, to suit any requirement.


A very popular option is our mid priced Plast-lok polypropylene encapsulated shelving which is a real winner. The latest technology, it combines the strength of steel with the durability of plastic.


Novarak and Victor Racking systems, both well known brands, are designed for bulk storage, for larger scale commercial cool rooms, freezers and temperature controlled warehouses.

The Novalok range is segmented into cost effective options to suit the budget of every kitchen, restaurant or warehouse development. Our entry level shelving product Novatruss is very competitively priced. It is available in a range of sizes, Chrome plated or Duoguard finish to cater to all markets.


Please consider Novalok’s very extensive range of technical solutions. For large scale cool and freezer warehousing projects go to design and compliance sections for detailed design specifications and seismic compliance data, which will assist you in the planning process of developing an efficient and safe working storage environment.

Please consider the Novalok range in this section, and when you are ready to discuss your requirements with Novalok, or to receive our technical advice, click here and you will be directed to an ‘Area Sales Manager’ for your area.


Novalok are the industry specialists for cool-room and freezer shelving…. The Novalok team know you will find a cool solution here that fits your exact needs. No one ever regretted buying Novalok.


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