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Ever since Novalok was established in 1986, we have been providing specialist solutions to these markets. All the shelf systems supplied by Novalok are specifically designed as ‘hygienic’ products. They have been purpose designed for this use.

We have a complete range to offer, from a budget priced Wire System, a number of Middle of the range options in steel and plastic, in shelving, and at the top end, an all Stainless Steel system with a Lifetime Guarantee.

By having a full range of products we are able to recommend a storage system that is the most suitable for your application, everything considered, and will work best for you. This avoids the common mistake of ‘One size fits all’. Because a supplier only has one range to offer, they may tell you they have got just what you need, and it may be just what you don’t need!


The Novalok range of products, specific to this market is:

  • Novatruss Chrome Finish – Good for dry goods storage, and food storage in non-corrosive areas.
  • Novatruss Skytrack Mobile – High density shelving to save space
  • Novatruss Duoguard Finish – The lowest price cool room shelving available with a 5 year guarantee.
  • Novatruss Trolleys. – Good value transport trolleys.
  • Zincguard – Budget priced cool room/freezer shelving
  • Duoguard – Top seller for cool room applications, use it anywhere, 15 year guarantee.
  • ‘Z Series’ Dunnage racks, available in Duoguard and Zincguard finishes, with Novex plastic ventilated shelf panel.
  • Duoguard Skytrack Mobile. – Twice the storage in a given space.
  • Cantilever wall mounted system – Same as the popular Duoguard with Novex plastic shelf, but wall mounted, leaving the floor clear for other equipment.
  • Plastlok – The new generation cool room shelving system with steel core and moulded plastic outer. 15 year guarantee.
  • Steel Panel shelving – Recommended for dry goods and equipment storage.
  • Steel Panel Compactor Mobile. – Half the floor space for the same storage capacity.
  • Stainless Steel – the ultimate hygienic shelving system.
  • Plastic Bins and Accessories. – For organised ‘small parts’ storage.

At Novalok we respect the fact that every situation is unique in some way. This is why our range hasdeveloped into so many choices over the years. The choice may seem daunting, but this is whereNovalok’s wealth of experience comes in, with over 25 years in the industry we are able to help youthrough the selection process to ensure you have a storage system that best suits your requirementsand your budget. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the end result, and will enjoy its features and benefits for years to come.

When you buy a shelving system from Novalok you get our on-going support, with regular follow ups

When you invest in a storage system from Novalok, you will enjoy the on-going support and services long after job completion and the payment has been made.

If it is a mobile system, you will get free yearly service checks for 5 years to ensure the system is performing to expectations, and that you, the customer, are 100% satisfied.



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