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New Zealand’s leading supplier for industrial adjustable shelving systems

An attractive and economically priced, ventilated adjustable shelving system for use in cool rooms, freezers, commercial kitchens, dry goods storage areas, hospital sterile stores, and general storage.

  • Quick and easy to install, end frames are supplied assembled
  • Zinc plated, and, Arctic White powder coated finish
  • Sturdy design
  • 1000kg rating per module
  • Easily adjustable shelf heights in 50mm increments
  • Shelf capacity from 150-500kg per shelf level depending on unit lengths
  • Available in mobile and static units
  • Novex Plastic shelf panels are impervious to contamination and corrosion

Novalok DUOGUARD is the most popular cool-room, and sterile storage shelving system in New Zealand. DUOGUARD shelving was designed specifically as a ventilated, coolroom/sterile storage shelving system, not as an adaption of an industrial adjustable shelving system. This is why it is recognised as the product best suited to the market for commercial cool-rooms, freezers, and sterile stores. The Novalok system has proved itself in the market since 1986 as the most durable, strongest, longest life, best value ventilated adjustable shelving system available.

Shelf options include:

  • Novex polypropylene ventilated panel – The most popular option
  • Novapol plastic coated wire racks – Excellent air circulation
  • Stainless steel wire racks – Never rust
  • Stainless steel panel shelf – The ultimate panel shelf
  • Galvanized panel shelf – Industrial look, long life
  • Powder coated galvanized panel shelf – Standard colour white, good to clean
  • Plywood, sealed or bare – Suits glass bottle storage
  • MDF board, sealed or bare – The most economical option
  • Glass – More expensive but the only thing to have in some situations

For more information on Duoguard shelving, go to DUOGUARD Cool-room Shelving in our cool-room and freezer shelving section.



Height (mm): Shelf depths (mm): Shelf rail lengths (mm):
  • 1500
  • 1800
  • 2100
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 600
  • 800
  • 900
  • 1000
  • 1200
  • 1400
  • 1500
  • 1600
  • 1800
  • 2000


Standard stock sizes listed, any sizes available, custom build, at no extra cost, just a delivery time factor of, usually, 2 weeks.

Please consider the Novalok Commercial and Industrial Light product range in this section. For an obligation-free quote, to discuss your requirements or to receive our technical advice, click here to find the applicable person.

Novalok duoguard is available with a full range of shelving types… whatever your needs may be, there will be a solution from Novalok’s extensive range of products. No one ever regretted buying Novalok!


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