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Specialists in shelving, racking and storage systems in New Zealand

We are experts in Storage solutions, shelving systems and pallet racking products for all business requirements including:

Your storage system should make it easier for you to manage your business. It needs to suit your business and fit perfectly with your logistic requirements.

We both manufacture and source top quality shelving and racking products, and will work with you to find a solution that increases your productivity. Browse our complete shelving and storage product range  below or contact our expert team to discuss your requirements.

We, at Novalok, are here to consider the customer, to build our business on Integrity and Trust, and to run a profitable operation.  These 3 Features are all needed to gain customers, to keep customers, and to serve our customers.

Heavy duty industrial storage

Novalok and Victor Industries have been in the Heavy Duty Industrial Racking industry for many years and have built a reputation throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for providing a ‘best practice’ client support service.

Healthcare and Hygiene

Novalok have become Pioneers in medical equipment storage, with the Novex product being one of the most sought after products in every Sterile Dry Store. With a range of Trolleys, Storage, Shelving and now our new MMS range.

General food storage, coolroom and freezer

The growth in the hygiene shelving industry has been significant as more people are conscious of strict food hygiene regulations. Novalok’s hospitality shelving exceeds these standards with dryroom, coolroom and freezer shelving.

Commercial and light industrial storage

Commercial and Light Industrial shelving requirements are very diverse. Novalok has designed and developed a comprehensive range of interlinking and related shelving products that covers virtually every known business need.


No two Educational, Retail or Institution shelving requirements are the same. Novalok will design and install shelving products that cover virtually every known document archiving, storage or library requirements.

Parts management and material handling

Whether you have a gigantic workshop or small shed, you need workshop storage that utilises available space wisely. Novalok offers a HUGE variety of bin kits & work benches to keep your workshop organised!

Novalok presents Modula Lift Carousel V.7

Novastore have a range of products for the Storage of small parts which allows you to: Better manage your small parts inventory…