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Manufacturers of superior shelving, racking and storage solutions since 1986

Welcome to the Novalok Group.

The Novalok business philosophy is all about storage technology and shelving systems for every business purpose.

Your satisfaction is our team’s key goal. Experience, trust and integrity are core principles at the Novalok Group that you will benefit from, as we work together to establish close business relationships.

Whether you require industrial racking, retail display shelving, or specialist shelving for the hygienic, scientific, medical, or sterile storage applications, the Novalok Group can either manufacture or source to your exact requirements. Top quality products sourced internationally from highly reputable manufacturers complete the range. Whatever your needs, whether ‘custom-made’ or ‘off the shelf’ products, Novalok Group will provide you with a cleverly designed and efficient system at a realistic price.

Novalok Group bring you a huge variety of products and effective storage systems that will deliver you greater value and a better return on your investment. As part of a group of highly respected providers of shelving systems both nationally and internationally, Novalok Group ensures a solution that will fit your logistical requirements.

Our business management and production teams are a highly dedicated group of specialists in their chosen fields and on their behalf I offer you the best that we at Novalok Group can possibly do to ensure your business dealings with us are mutually rewarding and profitable.

From the desk of John Suckling, NZAE,
Chief Executive
Board Chairman 

world-globeNZ owned and operated racking company
Working in alliance with companies in Australia, UK and the USA

Knowing what you want in life is always a clear run to the finish line , but innovating on need is a true challenge.  It was engineering and innovation that led John Suckling into the fabrication business in Auckland , starting off as a partnership trading as ‘Precision Sheetmetals’.  The Suckling Family primarily manufactured steel products ranging from Stainless steel to Aluminium, this is where John was first introduced to the Novalok brand.

Novalok’s inception began with a company called Modempak producing IT equipment in a new innovative and progressive market.  The Suckling family took this over in 1990 and moved the company to Wanganui in 1993to continue their quest in providing a range of shelving products.  From this move in innovation John discovered a product in the market that he had to compete with, this product involved plastic shelving.  Innovative minds came together and created the Novex system which over threw the market and is still a leader today in innovation and hygiene.

In mid 2010 Novalok took over the Victor brand, introducing a larger market of Pallet Racking and introducing the Victor innovation into their own and marketing these options along with their own.

Along with this the company kept producing products putting their innovative USP to work to create a successful formula that mixed local fabrication with international brands and products.

You will always find part of the Suckling Family in the mix and involved in some part of the process.  Even to this day, the newest product in the Novalok range, The Cantivex was created by close family who today still make up the Senior Management roles in the company.

What started as just two staff members is now a company who employs a professional team to run the factory, office, sales team and showroom proving that Novalok has not only been a success story but will continue to be a success for decades and generations to come.

Novalok is the New Zealand entity of an international group of companies with a long history of supply to markets worldwide. This gives us access to some of the most specialised applications for the medical, scientific and food service markets.

To support our growth, Novalok Ltd recently acquired Victor Industries, giving you access to a greater range of storage equipment. The Victor brand has been dominant in the shelving and racking market since the company was incorporated in 1967.


Full project management of your storage design and installation

Novalok offers a professional project management service to ensure you get safe and reliable storage solutions. You can trust us to take care of your complete project: from the inception and establishment of your needs to supply, installation and any required commissioning, consent, compliance and liaison with local government department bodies and personnel.

All storage and racking systems are manufactured from appropriate grades of steel which are compliant with NZ and Australian standards NZS4203, AS/NZ1170, NZS1170.5 seismic, AS4084 and relevant manufacturer’s standards worldwide.

All shelving and storage materials carry a ‘Lifetime Guarantee!’

As a professional provider of racking and storage solutions, Novalok understands the importance of ensuring safety on your premises – and this is why we offer offer a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing and design defects. The Novalok guarantee doesn’t stop at the end of the depicted term.Novalok stand by their products: if it has Novalok branding, then you can be assured of ongoing service and support!

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will always go the extra mile to ensure you get the best solution for your individual requirements. As a professional team, our promise to you is the ongoing commitment to a mutually rewarding business relationship with you and your company.


Talk to the Novalok team about your shelving requirements…

Novalok’s engineering team will assist you with the documentation process to ensure your shelving is compliant with the relevant standards. Novalok will ensure products will meet required installation and manufacturing standardds subject to proper use and operation within maximum load ratings.

Talk to us today about your specific shelving and racking requirements.

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