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Novalok working along side Z Energy

Novalok has successfully completed over 20 beverage (gravity fed) chiller shelving systems for Z Energy sites across NZ. Developed and manufactured here in NZ the Novalok “MassFlow” system is robust, modular and meets all stringent NZ food storage and hygiene regulations. Novalok has built a strong partnership with various successful store fit companies here in NZ to provide a solution for better utilisation and storage of beverages.

This successful partnership was formed on the back of a long history of supply of high end, top quality and food safe storage solutions that has earned the markets respect. The Novalok brand is often found in the field where “only-the-best” will survive the heavy demands required of it, stadiums, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, ships to name a few. By adding the MassFlow system to the stable of products, Novalok has once again applied innovation and experience to produce a product that delivers the perfect solution.


Novalok “MassFlow” is a fully modular sloping shelf system that uses gravity to ensure product is always on display at the front edge of the shelf without tipping. “Mass-Flow” is a simple fully modular clip together system with adjustable shelf levels in 50mm increments. Novalok “MassFlow” has been specifically developed for high usage retail beverage picking. Heavy duty and compliant with New Zealand food hygiene regulations. Novalok “MassFlow” is ideal in stadiums, retail outlets and other sites where high product visibility coupled with functionality and robustness is essential.


The “MassFlow” incorporates shelf mat inserts that are modular and can be divided almost indefinitely to accommodate any style of beverage packaging. The shelf mat is ribbed and reinforced to accommodate heavy loadings and allows an easy “slide” surface ensuring product is always displayed at the front of the shelf. Comes complete with height adjustable feet for ease of installation and leveling as
required. Will accommodate wash down areas with inclined floors..


Novalok “MassFlow is manufactured here in New Zealand and can be supplied either in standard sizing or customised to suit any application.
Standard “MassFlow” sizing is as follows;
Height: 1500H (5 levels), 1800H (6 levels), 2100H (7 levels)
Length/Module: 600, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800mm
Depth: 700mm


“MassFlow” incorporates Novalok’s “Duoguard” finish which is guaranteed for 15 years against faulty workmanship and corrosion.


Novalok “MassFlow” is New Zealand manufactured and available as required. A normal 2-3 week lead time is required from date of order to supply. A full installation service is available if required.

Single Bay MassFlow & 5 Bay MassFlow


Duoguard is an attractive and economically priced shelving system for use in cool rooms, freezers, commercial kitchens, dry store areas, hospitals and general storage. It has many features and benefits including:
Zinc plated with white powder coat finish.
Sturdy design
Easily adjustable shelf heights
Shelf capacity from 150kgs – 500kgs shelf level depending on unit lengths.
Available in static and mobile bays.
Plastic shelf panels are impervious to contamination and corrosion.
Mobile bays available consist of standard bays of shelving mounted on a chassis framework on four wheels.
15 year guarantee

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