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Wall mounted shelving systems in New Zealand

This is a wall-strip and bracket system, but what sets it apart is the heavy duty wall channel and the availability of a 600mm deep shelf. The other unique feature is, the system is available with the ever popular ‘Novex’ plastic shelf.

For those that are familiar with the Duoguard with Novex Shelves, this is a wall mounted equivalent. This was designed as a wall mounted shelving system, but it can be supplied as a free standing cantilever unit, single sided or double sided.

The cantilever system is ideal for mounting above benches or desks, or for leaving floor space clear for other equipment.


There are a range of brackets available to take the following shelf materials:

  • Novex Plastic panel.
  • Bare or pre-finished (meltica) board shelves.
  • Powder-coated steel panel shelves.
  • Stainless Steel Panel shelves.
  • Plastic coated wire racks.
  • Stainless steel wire racks.
  • Glass.

The cantilever system is ideal for mounting above benches or desks, or for leaving floor space clear for other equipment.

The wall strip is made from 3mm thick steel which is significantly stronger than the majority of other systems available.

Novalok Cantivex wall shelving is standard in either White or Silver Pearl. Any standard powder coat colour can be ordered. Novalok Cantivex wall shelving can be supplied in all Stainless Steel if required.

With the Novex Plastic shelf option there are three standard widths:

  • 300
  • 450
  • 600

Yet another option from ‘Novalok’, the innovative shelving company, who design and develop products to customer needs and requirements. We don’t tell you what you can have; we listen to what you want or need! Let us get involved in the initial design stages of your new project, you never know what problems we may be able to solve for you.

Please consider the extensive Novalok Health and Food Industry shelving range in this section. For an obligation-free quote, or to discuss your requirements, or to receive our technical advice, please visit our contact page.

Well proven top quality shelving system for hygienic applications. Novalok have been supplying these systems to hospitals since 1986. We know that it will perform for you like it has for thousands of other happy customers! No one ever regretted buying Novalok.


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